Welcome Success

Welcome to our Blog!

We have designed this blog to serve as our ongoing effort to help you grow your business and continue to utilize BES X to the fullest…to keep you excited about the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

Growing your business and competing with all the consumer entertainment options is a BIG challenge…but we’re here to help!  To succeed, centers like yours must continually reach out to attract and re-engage customers, while constantly improving the bowling experience itself.  Your new BES X has true cutting-edge features that redefine the on-lane experience. 

But how do you market them to drive traffic and revenue?  How do you make sure the system is fully utilized and the experience is actually improved?  How do you match the many BES X innovations to the right types of customers?   BES X Marketing Kits and BES Xtras Blog are the answers!  We’re in this together because YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS. Therefore we have equipped you with the tools to succeed! 

With this blog we will share ideas, tips and other tools to keep you experiencing new ways to make more money and keep your customers AND your employees excited about BES X.  We plan to feature tournament ideas, open play promotions,  tricks to keep your staff energized and engaged, tools to find customers and SO MUCH MORE!

We want to provide you all the tools you need to attract players like a magnet, providing simple ways to:

  • Quickly launch exciting new marketing programs
  • Target, reach and motivate all types of customers
  • Promote the great experience awaiting customers with BES X
  • Consistently communicate with customers – inside AND outside the center
  • Elevate the image of your center with ads, videos, website showcase and much more
  • Thus allowing you to EDGE OUT THE COMPETITION

So, sit back, put on your hard hat and prepare to use these powerful tools to take your business to a record high!  We’re serving up success…on a silver platter!

We would love to hear your thoughts!