Fun marketing ideas grab people’s attention and are often more valuable than traditional marketing because of the buzz created about the uniqueness. Your customers will remember the marketing campaign that made them smile or laugh or that was out of the ordinary. Be creative…think outside the box and don’t be afraid to have fun with your promotions and marketing ideas.

BES X is a FUN product, how about having a little FUN spreading the news? I have created a BES X Word Search (Click here to download) full of the exciting BES X features. How about having a Facebook contest to see who can find all the features first. Winner gets a BES X party for 4. This is a fun way for customers to see all the new features they can explore in the system.

Another fun, unique and inexpensive marketing idea for BES X is to Blow your customer away…with Blow Pops! As we have mentioned in the past, many of the marketing kit items have multiple uses if you simply think outside the box. For the Blow You Away promotion, you can simple reduce the Coming Soon MMS ad to 25% and have the printer include two small holes on the left side to accommodate the Blow Pop stick. The backside of the Blow Pop Flag can be printed with a free game pass to encourage a visit, or center information and dates BES X will be available. Click here to find the Blow Pop flag…already sized to provide to your printer. Or, simply create some business cards in Word…making the entire file the card…punch holes with a small hole punch and your done…it’s that simple. Blow Pops can be bought in bulk at warehouses like Sam’s or Costco and are very inexpensive. The cleverness of the promotion will have customers sharing the idea with their friends and will get you even more exposure.

Word-of-mouth spreads quickly when customer satisfaction is high and you have a memorable promotion worth talking about. A fun marketing campaign is a great way to energize the staff and definitely in this case…won’t break your bank account.  So let’s have a little fun…after all, we are in the entertainment business!

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