Monster Factory Birthday MMS Ad

 It won’t be long until the ghosts and goblins are running throughout the neighborhoods. Monster Factory is one of my favorite BES X features and while it is fun for all ages, it is perfect to engage your younger customers.

Use Halloween as a way to increase your birthday revenue by creating and kicking off a “limited time” Monster Party that has added appeal to the very young child as well as other ages. Turn the last weekend of October into your kick off weekend.

A Monster Factory birthday party will be shorter and the easier to understand format will keep the younger guests fully engaged. By having a result that a young child can “see” and even take home to show others, is very exciting! The party would consist of 1 Monster Factory game followed by party time.

Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of time but consider this…most young kids don’t have a very long attention span. If they get to build a monster and see the finished product…they’re happy!

The total Monster Party, depending on age of children and number per lane should be approximately 1 ½ hours which includes bowling and the refreshments. The shorter format will also be appealing to the parents as so many times, kids have other activities to attend or parents have other things they want or need to do. More importantly, the shorter party will allow you to host more parties per day…resulting in more money in your register! We all know that Disney and McDonald’s are very successful in generating revenue by featuring things for a limited time
If your birthday parties now include food options, do the same for your Monster Party. Don’t feel compelled to reduce your price just because it’s a short party…they are getting the same results…a LOT OF FUN and something very unique!

Encourage your hostesses to dress up in a family friendly monster costume and keep the fun moving. Furthermore, encourage the guests attending the parties to dress in a monster costume and have a costume contest to select the BEST costume. Have your staff member be the judges and the winning costume could receive a certificate for a popcorn party for 4. You can always get your hostesses together to come up with other Monster Party/Halloween related activities to do at the party…such as pin the tail on the black cat or throw the rubber rat in the witches caldron (have guests stand behind a designated line and try to get 3 rats in the caldron…use dry ice in the caldron for a cool effect). After the initial Halloween Monster Party kick off, have your hostesses come up with other ideas to keep the fun going.

That’s all well and good you say, but my how do I tie the tableware and decorations into the Monster Factory theme? Well, I’m excited to announce, I’ve partnered with great vendor to work out a super special deal on Monster tableware and decorations so you don’t even have to figure out the tableware or decorations. As a BES X viewer, you are being given the first opportunity to take advantage of this party ware. Inventory is very limited so I would encourage you to get an order together TODAY so you don’t miss out!

To make sure you are able to take advantage of these great prices, simply fill out the order form and return to no later than Friday, September 27, 2013. You will be contacted by Birthday in a Box representative Michael Esposito regarding payment and shipping.

When I found the product, I was so excited because, as it’s not a perfect match to Monster Factory, it is VERY close and is bright and colorful and will make a great addition to the GREAT BES X feature!! October is the perfect time to kick off your new “limited time” Monster Party!

By super special deal, I mean prices as low as $0.99 and only one item over $1.25…PLUS no tax except in New Jersey. Where else can you get a table cover or package of party blowers for $1.25? Now that’s scary!!! Return your order form today!

If you have other ideas, please leave a comment so others can benefit. The purpose of BES Xtras is for sharing tips, ideas and best practices…both mine AND YOURS! Please don’t be afraid to share!

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