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Halloween is an ironic celebration. We dress kids up in odd costumes, send them around the neighborhood and fill them full of sugar. I know it’s a lot fun, but it can just as enjoyable without the massive amounts of candy which only has to be sorted through meticulously and often gets thrown out.

Parents are constantly looking for trick-or-treat options that are a little healthier and safe…yet still fun and exciting for the kids.  Halloween Bowling Coupon Books are the perfect solution and what makes it even better is that they also serve as a source for you to reach thousands of new customers without ever leaving your center.

This great alternative to candy can be sold in books of 50 coupons, donated to school/church festivals and carnivals and given as a thank you to league bowlers.  Halloween coupon books are a GREAT way for your CUSTOMER to join your marketing staff…for FREE!!

Print the Halloween themed coupons and pad in books of 50.  Coupons can be for a free game of bowling or specifically for a MAD game…we’ve include a sample of each for your convenience.  Click Here For Bowling Coupon.  Click Here For Mad Game Coupon . Coupons can be customized to only be valid for ages 16 and under or whatever age you choose or can be left without age restrictions.

A great way to start is by using the coupon books as a way to say thank you for your league bowlers for being such loyal customers.  Give each league bowler 1 free book of coupons.  Your league bowler will be blown away by the generosity and will now give you access to 50 potential customers.  Think about it…if you have 1000 league bowlers and they each get just 1 coupon book, you now have access to 50,000 potential customers.

Coupon books are also great to offer to schools for Fall Festivals or Halloween Carnivals, for neighborhood association parties and other community Halloween activities as prizes.

These books can also be sold to customers.  Remember, to advertise the books on Facebook, center website and MMS monitors.  Don’t forget to send an email blast to all those families that participated in your Summer Bowling or Kids Bowl Free Program.  We’ve even provided you with the MMS AD and an EMAIL BLAST.

The first year I offered bowling to my neighborhood trick-or-treaters it was really fun to listen to their reaction when they discovered what they had been given.  It was even more rewarding to hear the reaction of the parents who were impressed that their child had received something of such great value…and NOT candy!

October offers great opportunities and can set you up for a busy fall.  Don’t forget to be advertising HalloPin with the Animated Ad provided in your Marketing Kit.  The animated ad can also be used on Facebook and center website.  How about making HalloPin your default environment this month?

Another fun feature to promote this month is “BLOODY” RED PIN.  Red Pin is easy to set up (Click here for quick instructions) and is a great way to utilize the Halloween Coupons as prizes for the winners.

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