We’ve Gone Totally MAD | Educating Customers About Mad Games

BES X has so many fun and innovative features but one of my favorites is MAD games.  This revolutionary new way to bowl truly opens up the doors for a whole new type of customer.  However, as with all new things, often people shy away from trying them out of fear of not knowing how to use them.

Whether we care to admit it or not, we don’t always know everything.  After all, there are “Dummy’s Books” for almost everything these days.

Seeing as MAD games are completely different, we have decided that they deserve their own “Dummy’s” campaign.  Let’s educate our customer on this all new way to bowl and have fun!

The Dummy’s campaign includes a POS Counter Display and Mad Games booklet, a customer coupon and customer survey.  View and download he files here.

Our job is to show the customer how easy it is to have fun with Mad games.  We hope this Mad Games for Dummies campaign helps customer to better understand this fun new way to bowl and encourages them to try them.

As an added convenience, we have uploaded all the Mad Games For Dummies files to the Partner Printer to provide you a quick start to your educational campaign.  Simply go to www.qamfmarketingkits.com and click on BES Xtras and choose your items.  If you do not already have log in credentials for the website, simply create a new user profile and get started shopping. If you already have a username and password, simple enter and you’re ready to shop.  From this point forward, any files that we create for BES Xtras will be automatically uploaded to this site for your convenience.

What are you waiting on??  Let’s start educating our customers on the new way to bowl and have FUN!   Before you know it, you customers will go Mad with MAD games!



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