Bowling…A Striking First Date!

Bowling...The Perfect First Date

We can all agree that bowling offers great exercise and tons of fun, but did you ever stop to realize that bowling is the absolute perfect first date?


It’s all under one roof!

Fun, great food and cold beer all in one convenient place

You can finally try out those wacky “balls” puns you’ve been thinking up! 

It’s a great way to break the ice, as long as your date has a good sense of humor and doesn’t slug you!

You can touch each other without being creepy!

Give an awesome high five after every good shot! It seems like a small thing, but getting the touch barrier out of the way will make you feel more relaxed.

Competitive juices!

There is a certain playful energy that comes with competing at something you both aren’t very good at..but look great in the shoes!

Easy exit!

While bowling might not be the most athletic endeavor in the word, it is technically a sport which means if he or she starts talking about their latest visit to the doctor you can fake an injury and make a run for it.

Less pressure!

Unlike a formal dinner setting where you might feel compelled to fill every silence, bowling gives you more chances to think of witty things to say. You can always use one of your ball jokes, or compliment your date on their awesome style.

You can shamelessly check out your date!

You can take a good look from behind without the fear of being caught.

Don’t have to blow your entire budget!

If you strike out you still have money left to try again!

With Valentines Day a week away, promote bowling as the perfect first date…or second or third date for that matter.  Centers can offer a Date Night Package that can include 2 – 3 games and shoes, a single stem rose (check with your food service provider regarding fresh flowers or work out a deal with a local florist), a bottle of wine or pitcher of soda for those that are under age, and a pizza (you could even get creative and form your crust into the shape of a heart).  Date nights are popular with all ages and can draw great revenue for your center.  If your guests really want to knock the socks off their date, upsell them a signature grid with a personal message or photo to make the date more memorable.

We have prepared a static MMS Ad/Monitor Ad and Email Blast to take advantage of Valentines being just around the corner.   A Date Night program can be valuable year around.  The MMS/Monitor Ad provided also works great as a post on your center Facebook page, on your center website or to send out to your text club.  The Email Blast also serves as great ad for the high school or College newspaper and can be printed on foam board and used as a Counter Display grabbing everyone’s attention as they are waiting in line for service at customer service desk.

Yes, the fact is…Bowling IS the absolute perfect first date…but is also the perfect date night for any age…16 – 96!  Let Cupid Strike your center!

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  • That is a great concept!I had a customer come to me wanting to do something special because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend in our center because they met in a bowling center several years ago. We can make them a custom welcome screen.

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