THE COMPETITIVE EDGE | BES X Features That Score Big

I ’m sure we’ve all heard it from league bowlers before…”new scoring system…great, but what’s in it for league bowlers?” BES X is a true revolution in modern automatic scoring and is the only system in the world designed with your customers in mind…both casual AND league —to grow your business and make you more money.

As the fall season is nearing the end and summer season is just around the corner, BES X is the perfect solution to WOW the league bowler. Start planning end of season sweepers and give competition a twist with Odd Duck, Even Better, Last Pin Standing or Head Hunter. Choose different formats for each league exposing bowlers that participate in multiple leagues the opportunity to try out different formats. Another feature for the fun, outgoing, less competitive leagues would be to incorporate YouToons or let them compete in a different way with a friendly match of Battle on the Lanes. Don’t forget about your youth leagues…as a great sweeper format would be to incorporate one game of Bowlin’ Hood with one game of No Tap, combining the scores to determine the winner!

Summer League meetings should showcase BES X and many features that benefit league bowlers. After all, if a customer doesn’t know what you have, how can they try it out or understand the value of your purchase? It makes customers feel good when they see proprietors put money back into the center and when they see that the new purchase benefits them, it makes them a happy customer. When a customer sees the value in something, they don’t mind paying for it!

As a result of this ongoing battle with league bowlers who think that proprietors make new scoring purchases JUST TO BENEFIT CASUAL BOWLERS, we have designed a brochure, THE COMPETITIVE EDGE, showcasing all the BES X features that are a perfect match for league bowlers. This brochure can be customized on the back with center information and distributed at all league meetings as a tool to help you show league bowlers the benefits of league bowling with BES X. This brochure is a great way to justify a “slight” increase in bowling fees. Now look at everything you get with BES X!

THE COMPETITIVE EDGE is available for download or can be conveniently purchased at the Print Solution website. If you would like to order the brochure already customized with the center logo and information, contact Sterling Thompson at or 210-734-5356. This 8 ½” X 14”, tri-fold brochure features full color, descriptive features on both front and back.

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