WOW EVENTS WITH BES X | Helping Customers Explore BES X


BES X brings true game-changing potential to your business. No other scoring system introduced in the last 20 years gets even close to the innovative power of BES X. But, if the customer has no idea of the amazing features BES X brings to your center, how can they possibly get excited about trying them? It’s everyone’s desire to get the quickest ROI possible and the fastest way to accomplish that goal is to market your amazing new system to your customers so they can get excited and stay longer and visit more often.

The marketing kits are complete with tools you need to advertise to your customers but they of no value unless you utilize them to attract the customer. A customer should be able to walk into your center and instantly be aware of BES X and the many features as a result of your static and animated ads, counter displays and other marketing material proudly displayed.

However, we realize that many times a customer comes in to bowl and really doesn’t understand everything they can choose from for their experience. As a result, we have designed a brochure, WOW EVENTS WITH BES X that details the amazing BES X features that will turn their ordinary bowling experience into an extraordinary WOW experience! The 11” X 17” four-fold brochure is full color both front and back and also includes a MAD GAMES insert designed to be placed inside the brochure highlighting all the Mad Games and how they are played.

WOW EVENTS WITH BES X brochure with the MAD GAMES insert is available for download exclusively through BES Xtras and is also available to purchase in the BES Xtras section at the Print Solution Website.

Customers will now have the opportunity to take a detailed look at their many entertainment options and decide what’s best for them. This brochure also serves as a way to justify center pricing by showcasing the many options for their bowling experience. BES X offers so much more than ordinary scoring systems but if customers don’t realize just how much more your center offers perhaps they might not understand the center’s pricing either. Once the customer sees just how much BES X offers and how it completely changes their bowling experience…money simply won’t matter!

We would love to hear from you. Will this brochure help you “sell” BES X to your customers? Are you currently having any marketing challenges or marketing homeruns? What do you customers enjoy the most about BES X? Don’t be shy…we want BES Xtras to be interactive. Perhaps something that you have tried and been successful with can help others. Or perhaps you would like to learn something others would like to learn.   So what are you waiting on? We’re all ears!

We would love to hear your thoughts!