Hopefully your center has been packed all summer long with kids enjoying bowling with family and friends as part of your summer bowling program or Kids Bowl Free. The days are filled with laughter and excitement. Lucky Train running through the center now sounds like a roller coaster ride at the theme park. Wouldn’t you like to keep those kids excited about bowling and coming to your center even when they are not being enticed with that magic four letter word…FREE? Wouldn’t you like to get back some of the money you gave out through the program this summer? You can…but not by keeping the valuable data locked up in your computer!

Kids participating in a summer bowling program offers a targeted audience for promoting youth leagues, birthday parties and other programs in your center. However, if you are sitting on your Kids Bowl Free data and not utilizing it to grow your business you are missing out on a BIG part of the value of the program. It’s like owning a Ferrari and keeping it covered in your garage and not driving it or showing it off!

Import the Kids Bowl Free data into your email database and plan a systematic approach to turning your Kids Bowl Free customers into loyal customer. Permission-based email marketing has a higher return on investment than unsolicited email, direct mail, or traditional advertising and has revolutionized the way we do business. Email marketing is the marketing tool of choice for businesses looking to attract, retain and grow loyal customer bases. Your Kids Bowl Free participants have already had a taste of how much fun your center can be, now it’s time to grow them into loyal customers by communicating with them and attracting them to your center throughout the year.

The goal of email marketing is increase revenue, strengthen customer relationships and build brand awareness. Before you get started utilizing your data, develop a marketing strategy that addresses your goals and objectives. The most profitable email relationships are built with:

1. Consistency
2. Great subject lines
3. Relevant content
4. Infrequent sales
5. Strong calls to action
7. Exciting discounts and freebies

• A message that is interesting and offers value is critical to the success of the email campaign.
• See what others are doing. Sign up for competitors email clubs.
• When you get online newsletters and offers from other companies or your competitor, pay attention to what makes you open some and delete others without reading
• Minimize the use of ALL CAPS and italics as they are hard to read
• Avoid the overuse of red, as it often triggers spam filters.
• Avoid using “FREE” in your subject line since it arouses suspicion and has been abused by spam marketers.

By utilizing email marketing and these proven strategies and tips, you’ll be grooming long-lasting relationships and customer loyalty while increasing revenue with each email you send. BES X offers so many amazing features for your customers but they can’t possibly get excited about them if they don’t know about them. BES X Marketing Kits contain emails in both html and jpeg format and are a great way to showcase the features of BES X.

Take that valuable Kids Bowl Free data you collected this summer and start using it to grow your business…specifically youth and families. This targeted list is perfect to showcase:
So what are you waiting on…don’t you want to get that Ferrari out of the garage and take it for a spin? Start driving business through your doors by utilizing your valuable Kids Bowl Free DATA or other collected data.

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