Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of running our center and taking care of everyday business that we forget that we need to think outside the box and try things that are a little different than what we have done in the past.

It’s no secret that our customers have changed. Back in the day we didn’t have to work near as hard to get the same amount of business or more. Some had the luxury of having full first and second shifts of leagues every night and business was booming without you having to do much of anything except keep your center well maintained and staffed. Marketing wasn’t something that was top of mind or in some cases even necessary. However, for many centers, those days are long gone.

Customers’ expectations have changed. In part to society and in part due to the changes in the economy. Many households now require both adults to work outside the home. Jobs are more demanding and the stress of making ends meet is greater. For many, money is harder to come by and as a result, they are much more careful with their spending habits.
Customers EXPECT their experience to be “worth the money” and want to feel good about what they’ve spent their hard earned money on. When a customer receives great service, enjoys a great facility that is clean, well maintained and has amazing equipment that is fun and exciting, they feel good about spending their money. However when they have an EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE that is over the top, they not only feel good about it, they return more often, tend to stay longer AND want to share it with their friends. Word of mouth and social media turn “WOW” experiences into great advertising for the center. So our goal is to have every customer walk out the doors in awe of how much fun and how great their experience was!

Now, bowling centers are searching for ways to attract more customers and fill their lanes. It’s important to think outside the box…to make sure that the customer is 110% satisfied with their experience at the center and can’t wait to return. Our goal should be to “WOW” every customer that walks through the doors.

Give the customer more a reason to turn their experience into a social media explosion…give them something unexpected and fun! Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of some great QubicaAMF themed (Oceano, Prehistorica and Fairy Tales) items that can be used to make your customers experience memorable and FUN. Be creative and think of all the ways these awesome items can be used to enhance an already fun time! These themed items are great for:

• In center open play promotions (keep watching for our Halloween ideas, coming soon)
• Prizes for games like Lucky Train, Lane Lotto Red Pin and all the other fun special games available
• Birthday party give-aways
• Field Trip souvenirs
• Marketing promotions to attract more birthday parties (send the birthday person a “tease” when promoting your birthday parties)
• Incentives to sign up for youth leagues or other youth clubs
• Fulfilling school donation requests
• Increasing birthday party revenue by selling for goodie bags

Quantities are limited so don’t wait another minute. TAKE A LOOK NOW and PLACE YOUR ORDER BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. Complete the ORDER FORM and call QubicaAMF Customer Service at (866) 460-7263, select Option 2 or email to and give your customers one more reason to choose YOUR center over your competitor’s!

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