Everyone loves the thrill of being a winner and getting lucky!  Our customers are no different.  Take advantage of BES X and St. Patrick’s Day and give your customers a chance to “Get Lucky”.

The “Get Lucky” promotion is built around Lane Lotto and Lucky Train which is offered the entire week of St. Patrick’s Day giving your customers a chance to “Get Lucky” at your center.  Both games are based completely on chance so everyone can participate!  If you’ve never experimented with Lucky Train or Lane Lotto, both are easy to set up and execute and are definite crowd pleasers.   In fact, I’ve even included the instructions for both games below.

A fun little tip to further excite the customers is to browse through your music and select an appropriate train song prior to running the Lucky Train.  Bowling Music Network has,  upon request, specifically added Train, Train by Blackfoot and offer other great “Pre Lucky Train” songs like Crazy Train to make it fun and easy to get the excitement rolling.  To further add to the excitement, try announcing that the more excited and loud your lane is the better the chances of the train stopping on your lane.  Oh my…you would think you had a roller coaster in your center!  Simply another layer of fun for your customers!

Remember, prizes don’t have to be extravagant, as customers will be pleased just to be a winner.    How about a center t-shirt or other promotional item?  A fun prize is an “I GOT LUCKY” TOWEL which gives them bragging rights to show off.  We’ve also included a customizable coupon that allows you to choose the prize…perhaps a free game on their next visit or a Mad Games package for a future visit.

So don’t wait another minute, start planning your St. Patrick’s week promotion and not only will the customer Get Lucky but so will YOU!    As a LUCKY BES X customer we have provided everything you need to execute the promotion.  Simply click on the items below, download and get started.

Thanks again for being a BES X customer!  We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas so PLEASE don’t be shy.  Please rate us, like us, leave comments for us and let us know how we’re doing.

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  • This is great. What a fun and exciting way to promote your center and very easy to implement with all the ideas and material provided! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Yes, as we all know, everyone loves to be a winner! BES X is filled with so many ways to enhance a customer’s experience! Thanks for your feedback!

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