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Mother's Day MMS Ad

BES X gives you so many ways to turn those special occasions into memorable ones with the ability to create a very personal and customized experience.  Give your customers a unique way to honor that special woman in their life this Mother’s Day.  The package should include bowling and shoes along with a variety of additional details to make Mom feel special.

How about a cheese sampler and glass of wine for starters, followed by a selection of chocolates and a rose or carnation?  The memories don’t stop there…each Mom will receive a beautiful keepsake certificate chosen specifically for them.

The tiny details can really make a big difference.  For example, set the mood with a candle on each table (can even be a battery operated one) and don’t forget to have some toe tapping music playing.  The chocolates don’t have to be anything extravagant but take the time to put them on a nice paper lace doily for a nice presentation.

Give the customer the opportunity to create a personalized Welcome Screen with 5 choices of backgrounds and the ability to customize a message with the 50 characters available on the first line and 40 for the second line of the Signature Welcome Screens.  Don’t stop there…the customer can provide their favorite picture to include on the Welcome Screen.  Don’t forget about offering a Signature Scoring Grid either.  The experience can be further customized by a personalized scrolling message.  These customized features can be figured into the package or can be add on options.  Customer are willing to pay big bucks for a unique, customized experience and with BES X you have the ability to do just that!

I can just imagine what you’re thinking…Wow that all sounds good but I haven’t even started advertising”?  Well, we’ve got you covered!  Click on the links below to find everything you need to start promoting.  Finalize the details of your package and get busy taking reservations today!







We would love to hear your ideas for making Mother’s Day at your center special.  Leave us a comment below and share with other BES X customers how you plan to turn this Mother’s Day into a memorable and profitable experience!

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  • what a great program. love the idea of doing something special for mom’s that is different that what we traditionally do… we will definitely be using these items for mother’s day. Thank you.

  • So happy to hear you are going to use the ideas at your center. Your Mom’s will be blown away!

    Also remind your counter personnel to suggest they check in with Facebook GameConnect so all their friends can see how they are getting pampered. Thanks for commenting!

  • I can see a great benefit for my marketing team. Thanks!!!

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