So often our customers forget what a great venue our centers are for special occasions and celebrations…and sometimes even just to have a great time and not break the bank.  It is up to us to plant the seed in their mind.

As with Mother’s Day when everyone is looking for an alternative to that hum drum lunch or dinner out to show Mom how special they are, the same thing goes for finding a way to celebrate that special graduate other than a backyard barbeque with their friends.

Treating the special graduate to a fun night with their friends before they all go their separate directions for college is a great way to form an everlasting memory that will be cherished by all those in attendance.

Suggest to the person coordinating the event to submit a graduation photo for the Welcome Screen along with the opportunity to customize the two lines of text.  Or perhaps take everyone back in time and suggest they use a picture from the very first day of school.  YouToons makes a perfect environment for a graduation event, as the fun will begin by everyone trying to take that perfect photo. Encourage Facebook GameConnect, as you can even run a simple little contest with those attending the event.  The guest who receives the most “likes” on an automatic Facebook GameConnect post during the event will win a center gift card or prize of your choice.   The YouToons souvenir take home giveaway makes a great keepsake of that last fling with their high school friends.

Let’s have some fun.  Run a special session of Lucky Train to get the party started!  If you have Bowling Music Network, you have access to a number of songs that have been added to their repository of music to help you hype Lucky Train.  For example Crazy Train, Train Train by Blackfoot, which has a great prelude to pump the crowd, Come On Ride The Train or other train related songs.  Or perhaps get everyone doing the Cupid Shuffle.

Sometimes, our customers simply don’t realize just how much fun events and special occasions can be at a BES X center.   So many customers still think of bowling the way it was 20 years ago.  It is up to us to plant that seed…how about celebrating at the center a striking good time?  Plant the seed…nurture it and harvest the cash!

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