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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.  Do you have something special planned at your center?  Don’t forget to make Father’s Day special for your customers who have chosen to treat Dad to an outing at the center.  Make sure to pay attention to the little details that can make the event memorable.

Don’t forget to give Dad a personal welcome with a customized welcome screen or let your customer send Dad a special message on the lane with a customized scrolling message.

BES X makes creating a personal experience easy,  and research has shown that customers perceive that personalization as valuable and are willing to pay for it as a result.

Lucky Train is a great customer exciter as they see the train traveling across the scoring monitors patiently waiting to see if they will be the lucky winner.  It’s not WHAT they are winning that is important; it is the THRILL of being a winner.  We have a certificate that allows you to select a prize of your choice attracting your customer to stay longer or come back again soon.  If you are a Bowling Music Network customer, browse your library for “train” songs to enhance the experience.  You’ll find that customers will start to anticipate Lucky Train when they hear the song.

Games definitely increase revenue.  While GM, I made it part of the daily routine during the summer when we were packed with children and families to run Lucky Train or Lane Lotto every hour…without fail.  One afternoon as I was walking through the lanes, I overheard a young boy about 7 years old who was bowling with Mom and his younger sister plead with mom not to leave yet because he KNOWS that Lucky Train will run again and this time he’s going to be the winner.  That was music to my ears!

He was exactly right!  Lucky Train did run again and he WAS THE WINNER (little did he know he won with a little bit of help from you know who…that was our secret though).  The young man was thrilled and Mom felt good that they had stayed to bowl one more game and her son was indeed a winner.

Don’t forget about all the wonderful games BES X offers that add an additional layer of fun to your customer’s experience.

Show Dad he’s striking this Father’s Day and turn his day into a special memory.

Haven’t even thought about Father’s Day yet?  Shame on you!  We often get so busy running our centers that we forget opportunities to do marketing for special occasions or events.  Don’t panic…some marketing is definitely better than none at all so we’ve come to your rescue.  Click below for a few things to help spread the news that at your centers…DADS ARE STRIKING!

HAPPY FATHER’S 2015 from all of us at QubicaAMF!

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