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October provides so many opportunities to showcase some of your BES X features and get your customers in the spirit of Halloween. Don’t leave your customers hanging, start getting in the spirit today! Whether you are planning a Halloween event or month of celebrating, let’s have some fun!

Make sure you have your Halloween Animated Ad featured in your advertising so the customers gets a peek of this frightfully fun environment.

Set HalloPin as the default environment for open play and sit back and watch the reaction. Young and old alike will be entertained with haunting surprises. It’s scary, it’s mysterious, it’s terrifyingly exciting and it’s contagious!

Beware the Crimson Creeper. Strike with the “bloody red pin” is in the headpin position and earn a trip to the prize cauldron.   Click here for Red Pin White Paper.

Don’t let the fun stop there.   Scare up some additional excitement with a Match My Monster contest. Pick your scariest monster and challenge your customer to match it…exactly! It’s definitely not an easy task and will have customers staying at the center longer just to keep trying. Click here for sample monster.

Set the tone! Create a scary playlist of music and decorate the center to get in the spirit. Other fun activities to plan can include:

Scary Pin decorating Contest

Rat toss – get three chances to get the rubber rat in the cauldron

Pin the tail on the black cat

Costume Contest

A great place to get Halloween food and beverage ideas is (search Halloween food and drinks). You will definitely have no problem getting inspired to have some special themed food and beverages to increase your sales and help your customer have a little fun at the same time.

Don’t forget to treat your customers to some striking fun. Give your customers the opportunity to treat their trick or treaters to bowling instead of candy. Parents will be thrilled to bring the kids to the center to get rid of the excess energy they have as a result of all the sweet treats. Strike Out Candy coupons are a great way to generate new business and turns your customers into your #1 Advertisers.

Strike Out Candy Coupon

Let BES X help create a spooktacular experience for your customers and a profitable experience for you!

Out of ideas? Have features you don’t know what to do with? No problem, we can help. Ask about our Virtual Marketing Manager Program and tap into a huge repository of resources and over 45 years of industry experience, to assist you in setting your center up for success, now and in the future. Want more information? Send a request to and see what has helped Proprietors take their centers from great to exceptional!

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