Scare Away the Winter Blues

Winter Blues

With daylight savings time comes shorter days, colder temperatures, darker mornings and often the winter blues.

Winter can be a challenging time for many people. With the days being shorter and colder, often there is a tendency for weight gain and people slack up on their workout routine and feel depressed or blue.

Help your customers scare away those winter blues AND get some much needed exercise all while having fun with family and friends.

Winter months are a great time to treat your customers to the thrill of testing their skills and being a winner with Monster Match. This is a fun and easy promotion that has proven to attract young and old alike.

The rules are very simple…match the posted monster and pet exactly and WIN. I have seen prizes range from $10,000.00 to free bowling for a year and everything in between.  Remember matching the monster exactly is not an easy task, however not impossible, as proven in the 2015 QubicaAMF World Cup where participants competed not only for the prestigious World Cup title but also to match the monster, resulting in a winner!

Another twist to add to the promotion is to  encourage participants to log in to Facebook GameConnect by offering an additional prize or larger prize if you are signed in.

Ready to help your customers scare away those Winter Blues? For your convenience you can download the MMS Ad, 24” X 36” poster, 33.5” X 79” stand up banner display and a 2 Up customizable flyer to make executing this promotion quick and easy.

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