The Results are In and Pokémon wins!

It certainly doesn’t look like the Pokémon Go craze is going away anytime soon. Still not sure you want to jump on the bandwagon though?   Perhaps the results of a recent study conducted by Slant Marketing will help you decide.  The study surveyed more than 500 users of the location-based augmented reality mobile app to find out how Pokémon Go players actually interact with businesses.

See full survey results here CATCHING CUSTOMERS: How Pokémon Go Players Engage With Businesses

Don’t be afraid to register to be a PokeStop, put out a little incense or drop a lure. The survey showed that 51% of players visited a business for the first time because of Pokémon Go.  Once the players walk through the door we know they will like what they see…a center with a cool, high-tech scoring system where customers are having a ball.  Certainly it is important that the center is proudly displaying their BES X marketing material that will tap into the senses of this demographic.

Another interesting statistic was that 71% of players have visited a business because there were PokeStops or Gyms nearby. Remember, applying to be a PokeStop (link can be found in previous post) is free so there is absolutely nothing to lose.

The Slant survey also found that 68% of players visited a business because there were “lures” at the location.  Lures can be purchased in the Pokémon Go app for $0.99 are last for 30 minutes.  They are used to lure Pokémon to a specific location which in turn, attracts players that are hoping to catch the lured characters.

So just in case you were holding out to see if there was proof that this latest viral craze could drive customers to your center, the wait is over. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a little fun and lure new customers to your center AND send revenue up!

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