Ready for Spring Break?


Spring is nearing and so is Spring Break.  Are you ready?

The first official day of spring is March 20th, but the effects of warmer weather and brighter days occur all month long as does the FUN of Spring Break at your center.  In fact, the effects of Spring Break at your center can occur all year long! 

Are you planning on using BES X to turn Spring Break at your center into the most talked about part of the school holiday?  By planning a week of fun activities you will get kids hooked on how much fun they can have at the center and wanting to come back every opportunity they get. 

Plan a Spring Break Blowout that includes music, fun, games, give-aways and so much fun that the customer wants to stop in EVERYDAY! 

Let the fun begin by setting YouToons as the default environment, as part of the fun is gathering around the console to capture that just right photo.

Crank up the music with some family friendly music in the daytime and create a fun filled atmosphere.  Play the hokey pokey, chicken dance, cha cha slide and other interactive music to get the customers pumped up.  Be mindful of the audience and choose the music and games appropriately.

Everyone likes to get lucky so why not give the customers a chance to do just that at the center?  Plan the week to include frequent running of both Lucky Train and Lane Lotto and give the customer the thrill of being a winner!

Don’t let the fun stop there, help your customers strike up a conversation with other while having the chance to be a winner with Name that Tune and Movie Mania via Lane Chatter.  As customers stop in to get a lane, have them draw for a movie or song title that they try to get someone else in the center to guess by giving clues via Lane Chatter.  Find a match and BOTH customers win a prize.

Help the customers give Spring Break a little character by having an ongoing Match my Character Contest for a super cool prize…such as an iPad mini or Free Bowling for a year or other item that would appeal to all ages.  Remember to get your staff involved.  Have each of the employees create a character with Character Factory and post it on the center Facebook Page.   Encourage employees to share the center Facebook post of their monster with their friends to help their character be selected.  The employee whose character gets the most likes wins a center gift card or other prize of choice and their character will be the one everyone tries to match.

Rally the staff and make sure they are mentally and physical prepared to provide a one of a kind experience for the kids and families choosing to celebrate on the lanes. Staff should not only be warm and friendly but remember that the customer is coming in to have FUN, so employees should have FUN themselves.  It is obvious when a staff member is enjoying what they do vs. just collecting a paycheck.  Body language is a sure give away of lack of motivation.  Encourage staff to interact with the customers and by all means, make sure they put on a smile before starting their shift.

Have staff do trivia questions for prizes or interact with the customers by asking them to play along, like Let’s Make a Deal.  The next customer to show a California quarter wins…or the next customer to show a grocery receipt wins a prize…or how about the next person to show a picture of their pet?

It’s all about FUN and Spring Break is the perfect time to showcase how BES X can turn ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!  Don’t forget to update in center marketing making it easy for customers to find other areas of interest such as birthday parties, corporate and group events, specials and promotions and new leagues or weekly programs while they are having fun on their break.  Plan a Spring Break Blowout and BLOW your revenue off the charts!

As a valued BES X customer, we are even going to get the ball rolling for you.  Click here for your Spring Break Blowout MMS Ad and Facebook Post.

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