Productivity Hack | Thank You!

Productivity Hacks

Hi this is Dottie San Martin, Associate Product Marketing Manager at QubicaAMF. I’m very excited to announce that we have created another tool to help you continue to grow and be as successful as possible. QubicaAMF Producitivity Hacks are short audio messages filled with ideas, inspiration, tips, system references and tons of other valuable information designed to make your life easier or simply give your day a boost.

Without further delay, here’s our very first, Productivity Hack.

Thank you. Two simple words that can have BIG impact on your business. Do your employees tell the customers thank you? I frequent a local restaurant that every time their door opens, a staff member is saying “Welcome to Bill Millers” or “Thanks, come back to see us” for those leaving…every single time. It is part of the standard operating procedure.

Are you taking the time to tell your customers thank you? Do you send a thank you email after events or write a thank you note? I can tell you that if you want to knock your customers socks off send then a handwritten thank you note after their bowling outing with a $5.00 Starbucks card enclosed saying “thanks a latte” for your business. You have no idea what an impression this makes on the customer. In fact, I have even had people call to say thank you for the well thought out thank you note. As a child we were constantly being reminded of “Please” and “Thank You”…wouldn’t it be nice if we all got back in the habit of making those words part of our standard operating procedure?

Until next time…thanks for listening!

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