Happy World Emoji Day!

Yes, emoji’s are so popular, they have their own worldwide day of celebration. Are you taking advantage of the tremendous fascination customers have with emoji’s? Lane Chatter is a great feature to stir excitement in your center.

A fun way to encourage customers to try out Lane Chatter is to run a Name That Tune promotion.

Get the employees involved and have them come up with a list of popular song titles.

Type up song titles and put into a fish bowl. As customers are given a lane or lanes, let them draw a song title from the fish bowl. The challenge is for the customers, via Lane Chatter, to send other customers clues in search of someone that can guess their song title.  If the customer is able to find someone that can guess the correct song title they have,  they both win a prize.

It’s fun and simple and who knows how many friendships it will strike up.  This promotion can be tailored to your audience.  For example, have a Family Fun Name That Tune with all Disney songs or an oldies Name That Tune.

Click here for Name That Tune Static Ad and Facebook Post.

Lane Chatter is a lot of fun for open play and groups but are you promoting it to your league bowlers too?   Lane Chatter can take friendly rivalry to a fun new level but it is also an awesome step saver for League Secretaries. Now instead of walking 20 lanes to ask where a pay envelope is, the secretary can simply ask via Lane Chatter.

We should all be celebrating World Emoji Day and the opportunities that emoji’s have provided our centers. Lane Chatter…something to smile about!

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