Productivity Hack | Lane Valets

Productivity Hacks

Hi there, this is Greg Dow, MAX Training Specialist for QubicaAMF.  I’m here to share with you one of our training team’s productivity hacks, which are great ideas that help lead you and your center to success. 

I want to talk about the importance of customer-employee interaction.  Too many times at centers I see the tried and true practice of the front desk employee telling the customer “you’re on lane 10” and then there’s barely any communication from that point forward.  The customer is just expected to figure everything out from that point forward.  With our scoring systems, and BES X in particular, it’s vital that the customer knows how to operate the system to get the most out of their experience and keep them coming back.  The average customer in a bowling center isn’t going to know that they have many environments and games available to them so they’re not going to push the your lane your way button.  They’re not going to know they can chat back and forth with other lanes so they’re not going to try lane chatter.  The only way the customer is going to know what your center has to offer down on the lanes is if that vital interaction exists. 

I’ve seen many centers incorporate a lane valet where an employee escorts the customer down to the lanes, explains safety rules, and gives the customer a brief overview of the system.  The key feature to introduce the customer to is your lane your way and all of the different environments and games to choose from.  The last thing you should want as an operator is to have your investment be underutilized—you don’t want to look up and see a full house with all of the monitors showing the same environment.  Keep the customers engaged and interested and they will keep coming back for more fun. 

Just remember, one minute of interaction can easily mean higher customer satisfaction and more dollars to your bottom line!

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