Get Set for 2018

January is filled with everyone making their New Year’s resolutions, which have become very cliché.  Resolution is the word that best describes what we do when we set our minds to accomplish a goal.  Identifying what we want to achieve (set/define the goal), committing to do what it takes to accomplish the goal (plan) and executing the goal (action).

In reality we should be talking about our goals and continuously monitoring and refining them to stay on track.  A goal is a resolution to achieve a desired result and provide a clear understanding of what the center is striving to achieve or accomplish.  Successful centers set goals.  Without goals, the center has nothing to strive for and no defined purpose, which often results in business becoming stagnant.

Things to consider when setting goals:

  • Goals should be realistic and quantifiable.
  • Put goals in writing with a specific plan outlined to attain them.
  • Modify goals along the way, if necessary but don’t abandon them unless absolutely necessary.
  • Monitor goals and keep track of statistics by analyzing Conqueror reports
  • Set goals for individuals, departments or the center as a whole. For example, more party bookings, less machine stops, etc.
  • Consider positing the individual or department goals, as this often results in helping build a “one team” mentality.
  • Goal setting should be an ongoing process and part of your business plan in good times and bad times.
  • Small goals can have a big impact.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to become healthier or to get fit.  Is your center taking advantage of the thousands of people who have set this as their 2018 New Year’s resolution?  Bowling is a great way to get fit!

Below are a few healthy facts, according to BPAA regarding bowling you might consider using in your marketing messages for 2018 to help you tap into the thousands of people who are out to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions:

  • Burns calories – Bowling burns 100+ calories per hour. I actually found a cool website to help you calculate by weight
  • Builds muscles – 134 muscles are exercised in 4 step approach
  • Weight bearing – builds strong bones
  • Sustains hand & eye coordination
  • Three games of bowling are equivalent to 1 mile of walking
  • Promotes balance & coordination

To help you leverage bowling as a great option to stay fit, start promoting today with a free Get Fit Facebook Post and Get Fit Static Ad.  There are many things to do to get fit, but none are as much fun as bowling!

At QubicaAMF our goal has always been to give you, our customer, the best tools possible to be more successful…to equip you with cutting edge technology that amazes your customers and provide them an experience that will have them returning more often and staying longer.  2018 is going to be an exciting year at QubicaAMF.  It’s no secret that we always have something great up our sleeves…but this year we are going to create a hype in our industry like never before.  So…stay tuned!




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