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Hello, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF. Today, I am going to discuss ways and give you tips, on how to make your center “POP” for the month of March, and hopefully bring that “POT O GOLD” to your bowling center.

The month of March is often overlooked as an opportune time to take advantage of some really great marketing opportunities for your center. Of course, most bars usually jump on this opportunity, and market to take advantage of a drinking crowd, but at the end of the day, what businesses are looking for, is to drive more traffic into their establishment. As an entertainment venue operator, whether traditional, FEC, or boutique, you have avenues of entertainment that can be far superior than just “going to the bar to have a drink”.

Here are some tips to make your center “guest ready” for the month of March.

1.)    Create a month of March Lane Option Set in Conqueror! Create custom Signature Grids, with possible a custom Irish themed background, or maybe keep it simple with a black background, and green foreground. Don’t forget your league customers, include them in the signature grids as well! Create a green backlight for centers with SuperTouch Consoles, or Easy Keys in their center. For added POP!, if you are one of our Center Punch customers, create a custom March lightshow, with an emphasis on the color green, for your pin deck lights! Once this is all put together the way you choose, attach all of the above to your in center bowling modes, to make these exciting effects automated, and worry free.

2.)    Create advertising images! Use BES X advertising, to market a special St. Patrick’s Day event (Saturday, March 17th, this year), food and beverage specials, and get this, create a playlist called “St. Patty’s with some unique graphics to use for your on-lane advertising. For SuperTouch customers, you can also enhance your logo with a green background for a little extra, added flair.

3.)    Run a St. Patty’s Day Party, and use the Lane Lotto Special Game!! This can be a managed play event that can run the length of the evening, a couple hours, or anyway you choose. When using the lane lotto game, possibly run it each weekend for the entire month of March. With the leprechaun, it is a great enhancement paired along with some simple trinket giveaways to keep guests engaged and having fun. Run the Lucky Train, or whatever special or classic and skill games you choose to enhance the experience, and make weekends in March, an event!

In closing, this is just one of many ways conqueror can be used to maximize guest experience, and have them rave, and come back again to your establishment for future fun. Until next time, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF, saying best of luck, and see you next time.


Click here for some St. Patrick’s Day freebies!

St. Patrick’s Day Background Grid 1

St. Patrick’s Day Background Grid 2

St. Patrick’s Day Background Grid 3

St. Patrick’s Day Background Grid 4

Lucky Winner Voucher

Lane Lotto Quick Reference Sheet

Lucky Train Quick Reference Sheet


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