Productivity Hack | Enhancing Customer Experience with On the Fly Statistics

Productivity Hacks

Hello everyone. I’m Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF. Today, I am going to briefly discuss how we can enhance customer experience, and provide much needed efficiency with what I call the “on the fly” standing sheet within conqueror.

This simple process can help both traditional bowling centers, FEC, and boutique bowling centers, in terms of providing really quick results to group events, company parties, and traditional competitive bowling to, at the end of the day, project the image to your guests that you provide top notch, polished, professional service in handling their event, from a bowling perspective.

When hosting a group event, company party, tournament, or end of season league sweep, there always seems to be that “lag time” that centers constantly go through in printing each lanes scores up, and do the math. (calculator, abacus, or other adding tool) This method provides who finishes first, second, etc., in order for the respective events to give special recognition to players, or prizes to participants. Well no more! You can do this in a couple of moments, turn over your lanes timely for the next round of business, and guess what . . . . . . . you have had this feature for quite a while now.

In conqueror, touch your print games button. After hitting the ok, you will find yourself in the game printouts search screen. Enter the lane range, dates and times, whether the event is in open play, league, or tournament play, then hit the apply filters button. The participants will populate on the screen. Hit the select all button, then hit the standings button. You will then be taken to the standing sheet layout screen where you can type in the name of the group participating, and set your standings parameters according to how your event organizer would like to see them. When this is finished, you can preview the sheet that is going to printed. As an added bonus, you can use the message button, and send the standings as a scrolling message to the lanes participating for a little added pop! When printing the standing sheet, you can with the coordination of the event host, announce the winners, or if the event coordinator requests, be given a copy so that they can do with what they wish in a fraction of the time it would take to add all those scores, and waste all that paper!

In closing, this is just one of many ways conqueror can be used to maximize guest experience, and have them rave, and come back again to your establishment for future fun. Until next time, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF, saying best of luck, and see you next time.

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