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Courtesy of Marty Gouveia, Max Training Specialist

Focus and Planning | Summer is Coming

Hello, this is Marty Gouveia, Field Trainer for QubicaAMF. Today, let’s briefly talk about how we can coordinate Spring Break and the Easter Holiday to create center awareness in the community, thus positioning the center for a more successful summer.

As you well know, Spring Break is pretty busy for most centers, attracting families and students that want something fun to do, during their “staycation” week, if they are not travelling to a popular warm weather vacation site. It also means that the weather is beginning to become fairer, and folks in colder winter climates begin to discover outdoor activities, which can cause the beginning of the famed “summer slowdown” since traditional leagues are likely wrapping up too.

There are plenty of different programs that we try to throw at the wall, and hope they stick. Below are some ideas to maybe get the ball rolling, and will be helpful in creating more visits, making summer a little less challenging in terms of generating business. Of course for programs to succeed, you must PLAN NOW, as summer is just around the corner.


Nothing says “START OF SUMMER” to the youth than Spring Break! Try to incorporate some low cost props, and the dreaded “SAND” J in small areas of the bowling center, and let’s give your center an exciting refresh!

Create a BES X SIGNATURE GRID with summer photos as the background! What better way to say summer than to have beach backgrounds, and relaxing summer themed images.

This is also a fantastic way to introduce new menu items, as well as summery drink specials. Create ON LANE ADVERTISING PLAYLISTS, as well as STANDARD OFF LANE ADVERTISING PLAYLISTS to showcase those mouth-watering delights. Always remember to serve responsibly, and maybe refresh your beverage staff in alcohol responsibility before launch.

I know that many centers over the course of the year, really gear up for special events, like New Years’ Eve Parties. SPRING BREAK IS AN EVENT! Never be afraid to trade off with corporate partners bowling, team building events, for good and services that you can give away during spring break. You don’t have to include food and beverage in these tradeoffs, just the bowling. Choose slow times when lanes are open during the day or slow evening Monday thru Thursday (NOT DURING BREAK) to host these events. You may also strike gold in food and beverage sales during these events.

Highlight in your promotional marketing material, your giveaways each day, as well as SPECIAL GAMES, or MAD GAMES that will be highlighted each day, to bring the people in. While they are there, also promoting your summer programs (Camps, Fun Clubs, Free Bowling Programs, etc.). TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY THAT IS BEING GIVEN TO YOU. Don’t settle for what “just comes through the door”.


Having an Easter event can be a grass roots effort to increase business in the future. I know due to business considerations; some centers close during this holiday. Let me challenge you to consider a few things to possibly boost visitation, and develop community relationships. How about bowl with the Easter Bunny?

Parks and Recreation – Get together with your parks and recreation department, and find out local Easter fairs, or community events. Find out the cost to have a 10×10 space. Your local Chamber of Commerce is also a helpful avenue as well. GET OUT THERE, and make yourself visible to the community! In your space, put out a fishbowl for giveaways, hand out literature, bring out your center mascot, and interact with the community OUTSIDE the center. The dividends down the road are priceless. It also gives you exposure to sign up new people for loyalty programs, etc.

Easter Egg Hunts – Along with possibly have one at your center, it never hurts to reach out to the above mentioned resources, as well as churches and youth groups, and offer free hours of bowling coupons in easter eggs for the kids. An hour of bowling can be for the dates you dictate, plus you may score some unexpected food and beverage sales.

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With that we are going to wrap up. In closing, this is just one of many ways QubicaAMF, Virtual Marketing Manager, and Conqueror can be used to set you up for success, maximize guest experience, and have guests rave, and come back again to your establishment for future fun. Until next time, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF, saying best of luck, and see you next time.

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