Seeing is Believing!

A drawing of a check mark with a magnifying glass over itEver wonder what your customers think when they pull into the parking lot, click on your website, call the center or walk through your doors? Did you know that the customer’s experience starts long before they even walk through the door? Yes, the customer’s experience can start when they click on your website or call the center to get information or pull into the parking lot. Make sure the center is paying attention to the things that can make the experience amazing from the initial thought of visiting the center to the conversation with their friends afterwards and avoid the obvious things that get the experience started on a negative note.

Are you seeing what your customer sees? If not, ask yourself the questions below and make sure you are the one that notices (and corrects) the things that could tarnish a great experience at the center.


  • Is staff in charge of answering the phone equipped with the knowledge they need to take care of the customer?
  • Is phone etiquette being reinforced? Are calls being answered with a friendly greeting in which the smile on their faces shines through the conversation? Make it an expectation that the staff smiles on all calls…it is reflected in the call.

Website/Social Media:

  • Is the information on your center website current?
  • Are all links functional?
  • Is downloadable information accessible and current?
  • Can a customer find the information they need on the website? Is it easy to understand and navigate?
  • Does the website showcase what you offer?
  • Is the social media presence a good representation of the experience offered at the center?

Outside center:

  • Is signage adequate? Can the sign be easily seen from the road? Is it in need of repair?
  • Is the parking lot in need of repair? Is the striping faded and needs to be redone? Is it well lit? Is it clean?
  • Does landscaping need attention?
  • Does entrance need power washing?
  • Are windows and doors clean and without smudges or left over scotch tape?
  • Does the exterior of the building tell the right story? Does it encourage people driving by to stop in and take a look?

Inside center:

  • Are restrooms modern and clean?
  • Do restrooms have a pleasant smell?
  • Do parents have a place to change little ones?
  • Are restrooms stocked properly?
  • Is flooring clean? Does carpet have spots or gum? Does tile have chips?
  • Are ceiling tiles stained?
  • Do burned out light bulbs need replacing?
  • Does center have a musty smell or does the smell of fresh popped popcorn or fresh baked cookies make their mouth water?
  • Is furniture in need of repair? Is it clean?
  • Is it easy for customers to navigate and find what they are looking for?
  • Has in center marketing been updated recently? BES X Marketing Kits have hundreds of marketing pieces already created and ready to go. ConquerorPro>Utilities>Marketing Kits.
  • Does the equipment shout the best, top of the line, state of the art but the center décor could use a facelift? Masking units, ball returns, monitors are in your face and can overshadow the amazing equipment. Marry the two!
  • Is the bowling area clean? Do the monitors and gutters need dusting?
  • Are balls clean without chips and gouges? Are there adequate sizes available?
  • Would you wear the rental shoes? Shoes are big money makers and deserve to be evaluated routinely and replaced or cleaned when necessary.
  • Are there enough shoes available in the sizes the customers need? Not have the shoes the customers need is lost revenue, as well as a liability.


  • Can staff be easily identified?
  • Do uniforms need to be replaced?
  • Are uniforms clean? Are they ironed?
  • Are nametags being worn properly?
  • Do staff members smile and greet customers as they are entering and exiting the center?
  • When there is a line at the customer service desk, are employees making eye contact and letting customers know they will be right with them?
  • Is their body language telling the right story?
  • Are employees showing customers that they are more interested in their cell phone than taking care of them?

Take a few minutes each day to take a look at your center, your staff, your website, your social media presence and your image as a whole so you can correct the simple things that can make a negative impact on a great experience. If you have premium equipment and offer a premium experience, make all the other things are premium too,  so you can get premium revenue too!

We would love to hear your thoughts!