Set the Right Tone | Signature Welcome Screens

Set the right tone for your holiday parties, and all other parties, with a Custom Welcome Screen. Welcome Screens can be customized with 2 lines of text but can also be customized with a photo of the guest of honor, corporate logo or image of choice. BES X Marketing Kits (Utilities>Marketing Kits>BES X) has 54 background grids that can be used to personalize welcome screens. Images for Welcome Screens, as well as Signature Scoring Grids, should be 1280 pixels X 720 pixels. Conqueror can resize images but for the best outcome, we suggest high resolution with the correct aspect ratio.

Start your holiday parties off with a special welcome. Click to download a Holiday Party Welcome Screen and a Quick Reference Sheet to help you set them up.

Create a memorable experience and give those, infrequent holiday party guests a reason to return. Provide each guest a thank you gift for attending. Download a customizable holiday party bounce back voucher here.

Paying attention to the smallest of details creates memorable events and will have customers returning for more while also being your best form of advertising. Put your best foot forward, and exceed your customer’s expectations this holiday season and start 2020 with an influx of new customers that just couldn’t believe how much fun they had this year at their Corporate Holiday Party!

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