An Ounce of Prevention | Staying Ahead of the Coronavirus

Talk of the Coronavirus is everywhere. The virus has created havoc on travel, created shortages of products necessary to protect yourself and even tarnished the sales of Corona beer, due to misconceptions surrounding the virus.

Help your customers remain confident in continuing to enjoy bowling by going the extra mile to provide a safe, healthy environment. Don’t be afraid to share the additional precautionary measures your center is taking. Simple measures will go a long way, especially to families and elderly customers.

  • Have hand sanitizer easily accessible throughout the center.
  • Wipe each settee area thoroughly after each customer with disinfecting cleaner.
  • Provide sanitizing wipes for customers to wipe areas of concern.
  • Thoroughly spray shoes and make it obvious.
  • Ask customers to leave balls on the ball returns so balls can be thoroughly wiped down, including holes, before they are returned to the ball rack.
  • Provide Hand Washing signs in the restrooms.
  • Post educational information in break areas and educate employees.
  • Have employees wash hands frequently or wear gloves.
  • Maintain a strict policy of staying home, if running fever.
  • Wipe customer service counters multiple times a day
  • Clean restrooms counters, fixtures and door handles/knobs multiple times per day.
  • Send a heartfelt email from Owner or General Manager to customers letting them know the measures center is taking to keep them safe. Sample email language
  • Have a little fun and promote fist bumps instead of hi fives. Who knows you may even start a new fad!   Free Fist Bumps Approved MMS Ad

The Center for Disease Control has a number of resources available for download, which can be found below. Stay safe and be diligent in letting your customers know their safety and health are your top priority.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Communication Resources

Share facts about COVID-19

What you need to know

What to do if you are sick

Stop the spread of germs poster

Symptoms of Coronavirus disease 2019 poster

Stay healthy wash your hands

Wash your hands

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands

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