When Hunger Strikes… | Curbside Delivery

Bowling Center Closed? No Problem. Continue to drive revenue!

If you have a snack bar, restaurant or anything in-between, you can still drive revenue and stay connected to your customers during this time!

How about offering curbside pick up? Here’s a few ideas and resources to jump start the program:

  • Use your website and social media to let your customers know that you’ve still got their favorite bowling food! Maybe you’ve got the best pizza? Amazing burgers? Unbelievable wings? Yup. You still can serve up a reminder of your facility…just to go!
  • Curbside is a great use for Conqueror QPads. Making the experience safe and easy for your customers will be appreciated.
  • Have online ordering already? Direct customers to place orders and pay there!
  • No online ordering? Number a 10-12 spot section of your parking lot closest to the entrance with temporary signage or even chalk numbering! Have patrons call ahead and place orders, then tell them which number to park in to pick up!
  • Allow customers to drive up and order too!  Have small paper menus that you can hand safely through the car window they can keep.
  • Consider offering them a package deal with drinks and coupons for future bowling! Talk about a tasty surprise!
  • Introduce curbside delivery to your email database and include an eGift card to help with their first order.
  • Take it to the next level by offering double points to your loyalty program for all orders!
  • Be sure to include a kid’s meal option, making it even easier for families to grab and go.
  • Ask customers to support local small businesses by ordering their next meal from you.
  • Show you care about the community by staying open even with a limited staff, doing your part to help keep people employed.
  • How about considering Uber Eats? http://bit.ly/UberEatsInformation
  • Make sure to include a Curbside menu with every order picked up.

For your convenience, and to get you up and running with this revenue-generating program quickly, download the items below and get started today!

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When Hunger Strikes_Email

When Hunger Strikes_Menu template_Single

When Hunger Strikes_Menu_2 Up

Remember, we’re in this together and QubicaAMF is here to help!  After all, serving you is what keeps us going.  We’re coming up with additional ways to stay connected, keep bowling top of mind, bring you a smile, share tips and anything else we can do to help you out.  Please feel free to share you comments, ideas, funny pictures 🙂 or concerns anytime.  Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

We would love to hear your thoughts!