Eat Now, Play Later

They’re craving your center….what can you do to keep it top of mind and satisfy their cravings? We’ve got a promotion that will make you and your guests feel like a winner!

Eat Now, Play Later delivers fun (and deliciousness) they can take home, as well as fun for a future outing! Today’s environment won’t last forever, we all know that. When the time is right, everyone will appreciate having some “free fun” to get out and use, and you’ll appreciate all the customers in your center again!

Now’s the time to let everyone know to #supportbowling and #supportlocal by ordering a hot and tasty pizza for dinner! You can even sell the pre-prepped pizza and give them cooking instructions! Perfect for someone on their way home with a longer drive! Or, better yet, package the ingredients with preparation instructions and turn it into a family project. Encourage your customers to post their pictures or videos of the family project and tag your center and #supportbowling and #supportlocal.

Not only does this promotion generate revenue while you are closed but it also gives you a competitive advantage over others doing to go pizza…they get to look forward to stopping in and bowling after the center reopens. Definitely added value for the customer but drives customers back into the center in the future.

You can structure your offer to be what fits your business model best. Some states are waiving the alcohol restrictions, allowing licensed businesses to offer to go on alcoholic beverages. Definitely check with proper authorities before offering. However, you might even consider upselling the package to include a growler to help you move your draft beer so it doesn’t go out of date before the center reopens and generates additional revenue while closed. Or, pair the pizza with a nice bottle of wine. Be creative! Be sure to set your package key up so revenue is broken out into the correct departments.

We have put together the material you need to get started right away. Customize the social media post by adding the details in the text portion. Emails are provided in both jpeg and pdf format and can be easily customized with center logo, if desired. Material available also includes a voucher template so you can provide the details of the bowling experience they will receive later. We’ve even included a customizable postcard for those centers that have a direct mail database.

What clever promotion are you doing to generate revenue doing these tough times? What could you use assistance with? What made you smile recently? Share your end your thoughts and ideas in the comments section or email them to We’re all in this together!


  • Social Media Post
  • Email
  • Customizable Postcard
  • Social Media Post
  • Customizable Bowling Voucher

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