Temporarily Transform Into A Pop Up Shop

The center might be closed for guests to enjoy an entertainment experience but how about transforming the center into a place where guests can enjoy curbside pickup of some of the things that are in high demand? A Pop Up Shop (how about calling it Spares Are Us?) can help everyone involved. It allows you to generate revenue, get rid of some of the items you have on hand and help your customers by bringing in items they need during this challenging time. It also helps your foodservice provider continue to have sales and lastly this helps customers who might be struggling to find what they are looking for at the supermarket or don’t want to expose themselves to other shoppers.

Set up a temporary store with temporary shelves and start promoting. Many restaurants are packing their most popular meals as DIY meals or prepared and uncooked with simple instructions. Also, some states have temporarily relaxed alcohol restrictions so restaurants are including beer, wine or even mixed drink combo options.

Consider bringing in quick and easy things that work at home parents can prepare for their kids, or a Parent Survival box of healthy snacks or even a Senior Citizens care package, that can be conveniently purchased and dropped off to an elderly neighbor.

Many restaurants have had success with temporarily transforming their operations. Take a look at how Mi Tierra Café transformed into Mi Tierra Mi Mercado. The famous Emma hotel has expanded to include Larder Groceries & Takeout. So why not the bowl?

Post the items available on social media to get the ball rolling. As a convenience, we have included a social media post and email introducing the new concept, as well as a template to show customers what you have to offer.

Now’s the time to work together, be creative and remain strong. Bowling will be back, stronger than ever and how we help one another through this difficult time will be a story that will last forever. Stay well! #supportbowling #support local

Pop Up Shop Collateral


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