Strike Out Boredom

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With mandatory Stay at Home orders in place for many of us, it is becoming a challenge to keep everyone happy and not complaining about being bored. We have created a fun Strike Out Boredom designed to provide community assistance all while keeping your center top of mind. The program can be introduced as a program for parents to execute with the kids or can be a family affair.

Here’s how it works! Parents come up with tasks that children can accomplish to earn a strike. These can be based on things for their online schooling, chores they need to accomplish, fun projects or sharing a little kindness.   Be creative and have some fun!

Here’s a few suggestions for starters

  • Video Gaming less than 1 hour per day
  • Plant a plant
  • Read a book
  • Call an elderly relative
  • Write a thank you message to a healthcare professional
  • Fold laundry
  • Play a board game with a sibling
  • Give the dog a bath

When a task is completed, the parent (or whomever has created the tasks) marks the scoresheet with a strike. When the child “scores” a perfect game, they can redeem their scoresheet in the center for a reward of the center’s choice. Perhaps it is 30 minutes of free bowling for up to 6 or an arcade card.  Reach out to other businesses in the community to partner with you and contribute prizes.  This is a great way to get customers back to the business once this storm has passed so others will likely be grateful for the opportunity to participate.

The program can also be structured as a family affair…parents come up with tasks for kids, spouses come up with tasks for each other or even kids come up with tasks for parents. Here’s a couple of examples below:

Spouse task list

  • Prepare dinner together
  • Bathe the dog
  • Something from the “honey do” list

Parent task list

  • Read child a book
  • Let me play video games an extra 30 minutes today
  • Made my favorite meal

Put some thought into how you would like to structure the program, is this going to be a family affair, or just for kids? What will the reward be for a perfect game? To get you started quickly, download the customizable collateral below and put a smile on your customer’s face today!

Download Collateral

  • Facebook Posts
  • Emails
  • Scoresheet
  • Customizable Strike Task List

We would love to hear your thoughts!