Show the World Bowling Cares | Thank Local Heroes

Thank You Local Hero

It is no secret that the bowling community has a unique bond and comes together to support one another, as witnessed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s turn that unique support and bond into support for our local heroes, while providing a worthwhile activity for customers.

Customize the provided Local Hero thank you sheets (children and adults) with your center logo and center hashtag (#centername) and provide to your customers. Customers can request thank you sheets in various ways; from the center website, social media, email form or via a cloud link of your choice. Or, simply email them to your database.

Have customers write, draw or design a message to show the healthcare professionals, grocers and teachers that are working tirelessly, despite often challenging circumstances, that they are appreciated.

This show of support can even be turned into a contest by providing a prize for the message that gets the most likes.

Show the community that #bowlingcares and show the local heroes their heroic efforts are appreciated.

Bowling will be back soon and the impact you and your center have had on the community will not be forgotten.

Customizable adult thank you sheets

Customizable child thank you sheets

Local heroes email/social media post (add #centername)

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