Making the Most of Being Closed

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Tke this opportunity to get the machines and lanes in top-notch shape. Give the center a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint, check your computers, emergency lights, phone system, etc. and start making plans to enhance your customer service and provide customers an amazing experience again. To assist you in taking advantage of ths down time, we have created a comprehensive checklist that includes preventative maintenance, projects, cleaning, marketing, computers and more to assist you in getting started. There is no doubt there are other things you are doing while the center remains closed to prepare reopening. Please share a few things you are doing that might be valuable for other centers in the comments below.

The pandemic has created worldwide havoc and in many different ways. Lives have been lost, jobs eliminated, budgets stretched and patience tested. Mandatory quarantine has caused a rise in boredom, loneliness and depression. Customers want to get back to having fun as much as you want them to be able to start bowling again.

A small act of kindness can generate a lot of happiness! Pull up the center database and start making old-fashioned phone calls just to check on your customers and say hello. This will be especially well received by your league secretaries and officers. Remember, they are your partners and they will work to keep the leagues together. This small act of kindness will be remembered for a long time. Now is the perfect opportunity to show your customers how much they matter and is a great way to establish a friendship that reap rewards for years to come.

that are otherwise challenging and even impossible, when the center is occupied. When your customers return, and they will, they will be welcomed by a clean, well-maintained facility that is running smoothly and they can simply have fun.

Bowling will be back bigger, better and stronger than ever before.  QubicaAMF is committed to supporting our customers through this difficult time and will continue to provide the tools and resources necessary to help you recover and thrive.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  ~Winston Churchill

What is your center doing while closed? We’d love to hear your best practices. Leave your comments below.


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