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COVID-19 has caused many people to miss out on many special celebrations and memories. Birthday celebrations that once included fun, food and laughter with friends have transformed into car parades of family, friends, strangers and silly string.   Creative freedom has exposed us to new ways to interact and show we care.

Graduation is a milestone that deserves recognition and celebration but in many communities, it is still not possible to celebrate in the manner deserved. Don’t let those graduating during this pandemic miss being honored on their milestone accomplishment.

Some centers are planning to offer redo celebrations for those that did not get to celebrate due to the pandemic.   However, there is also an opportunity to build loyalty and community support right now. Whether the center is open or closed, show those that have reached this milestone that #BowlingCares.

Here are some ways you can truly honor the local graduates in your community.

Have customers submit photos of their graduate.   Remember there are graduations of all kind. From those graduating from kindergarten to those getting their doctorate degree, each has an accomplishment to celebrate.

Incorporate the photos into a slideshow and post it on social media.

Each graduate that is included in the slideshow will receive a gift voucher for an hour of bowling with up to five friends. Remember to request graduates email, cell phone number or address to send, text or mail their voucher to them. The voucher can include language to opt in for future communication, if desired.

To take the recognition one-step further, announce you will be honoring the graduates for 30 days after reopening on in center advertising.

This is a small way to honor a BIG accomplishment and is a great way to keep bowling top of mind and generate traffic once the center has reopened.   More importantly, parents will be appreciative of the effort shown to help their graduates feel celebrated and will remember that when they are in the market for entertainment.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and bowling will be back soon, if not already at your center. The kindness and empathy the center has exhibited during this time will be remembered and loyalty and trust will be earned.

To get the Honoring Grads Campaign underway quickly, we have provided you all the collateral necessary to execute. Here’s what you will find:

  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation to add graduate photos for slideshow. Slide deck even includes Pomp and Circumstance, if desired. If not, simply remove the audio.
  • Social Media Image that you can post and add the details of the program in the text portion.
  • Email announcing tribute in various formats.
  • MMS Ad frames in png format so graduate images can be added.
  • Customizable voucher

Download Honoring Grads Campaign

We would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave your comments.  Are you doing something for your graduates?

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