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Frontline Appreciation Party_SMBowling is back for many communities and centers are on the road to recovery.   Proprietors have shared that customers are thrilled to be back in the center and are appreciative of the safety measures put in place. Some centers have reported sales above previous years even though they are not able to utilize all the lanes. The new transparency, new operating procedures, and new standard of service is noticed and when properly nurtured can result in loyal customers for a lifetime, so keep the momentum going.

Isn’t it a great feeling to know that the customers notice the efforts you have made for their health and safety and are appreciative? Have you thought about showing the local frontline workers they are appreciated and the message it would send to the community? The frontline workers are selflessly giving every day and sacrifice their safety for the well-being of others. From healthcare workers who are risking their health for the safety of our community to grocery store employees who put their health in jeopardy so we can have food and other basic supplies, to the first responders who continue to protect us despite the risk, you can say “thank you” for their dedication.

So how can you show your appreciation? Many centers that have reopened have limited hours of operation and have hours available to throw a Frontline Worker Appreciation Party. The event can be tailored to what works best for your center. Perhaps it includes 1 hour of free bowling and shoes for up to 5 people with ID or if in uniform. Reach out to your business network and gather door prizes and items for swag bags. Approach vendors for donations of food and beverages. This is a great opportunity to talk to food brokers about trying out some new items or consider bringing in new micro brews. This reservation only event not only shows front line workers your appreciation but also shows the community your center cares and supports the local heroes. Use Lucky Train or Lane Lotto for fun distribution of door prizes and make it a day to remember and celebrate the hard work and dedication of those that have served. Set up the event in EventBrite and post on social media.  Notify the local radio and television stations so they can promote the event on air.

Showing your support for the community will be beneficial for both the center and the frontline workers who have devoted long hours to keeping the community safe, stocked with groceries and healthy. Don’t miss this opportunity to show the community that #BowlingCares

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