Leverage Your Uniqueness

Using Your Unique Selling Points to Drive Business

Did you know that being unique gives you a competitive advantage and when leveraged, can bring in new customers?  Uniqueness is an asset!  That’s right, what does your center have that makes you unique or special in some way?  BES X and HyperBowling are overflowing with Unique Selling Points or USP’s for your center.  Not only can features be leveraged to make your center stand out, but when those features are woven into programs and promotions, these too, can become USP’s.

Programs can be an add on for events such as the HyperActive Big Shot Challenge or the entire event can be themed and built around a feature such as the Rocky Road Race Day!

The Big Shot Challenge can marketed as an add-on option for events and structured in several ways.  Here’s how it works:

You can set a lane or two aside to run the challenge within the event.  In this case, the time those lanes will be used will be included in the proposal.  However, if you will not have lanes available to choose this option, it can be planned for the end of the event, therefore lanes will be paid as part of original time.

Event guests would each receive 1 ticket (can increase number of tickets, if desired) to attempt to hit the purple multiplier in HyperActive and get a strike.  It’s that easy!  Well, actually it isn’t that easy at all. If the guest is successful, they win a prize.  If the event organizer would like to provide the prize, that’s great.  However, if not, the center can provide a prize of choice.  For example, a voucher for a pizza party for up to 6 people or a $50 gift card to the center.  To get a little FREE ADVERTISING out of the deal, have a “Go Live” option in which guests will win an additional or larger prize if they are streaming live when they win.  Wow…having event guests showcase HyperActive live streamed can get your center and HyperBowling great exposure!!

The Big Shot Challenge can also be a great fundraising add on.  Organizations can seek sponsorship for the Challenge.  Sponsorship fee will be split 50% going to winner and $50% going to organization (or other ratio, if desired).  However, in the case of running the Big Shot Challenge with a fundraiser, each guest that wanted to take a shot would be required to pay (you might consider 1 ticket to be included with registration fee).  Organizations can set the ticket fee, but should consider something having an option for the more tickets, the cheaper (eg. $5.00 per ticket or 3 tickets for $10.00) because once they try it, they will want to try it again.

Promote the Big Shot Challenge by having collateral available that highlights this fun and unique way to entertain event guests and give your center a competitive advantage.  We have even included some marketing collateral and a sample ticket so you can get started right away.

Another fun USP can be using the YouToons boss feature, in which there are dedicated animations for the person designated as “the boss”, to further entertain guest.  Where else can employees get away with laughing at the boss?   Keep in mind, the boss can also be the teacher, coach, guest of honor or other dedicated person that will play along with a little extra recognition

How about theming the entire event as a Race Day with Rocky Road Race?  The first team car to cross the finish line gets a trip to winner’s circle (customer service desk) for their trophy.  From a checkered flag to pit stops to refuel, (buffet or snacks) to “Ladies and Gentlemen…start your engines” to begin the event, Rocky Road Race is a great corporate program that’s easy to execute and makes a unique, fun experience for guests.

 Take a look today and identify your Unique Selling Points.  Are you utilizing these Selling Points to attract new guests?  Are you utilizing them to enhance the customer experience so you get them to return more often?  Are you leveraging these Unique Selling Points to gain a competitive advantage?  Are you earning the reputation of being THE destination place to go to be the host for amazing events?  If not, start today!  You’ve earned the bragging rights!!

Need a little help leveraging your Unique Selling Points or putting programs together that will drive more customers to the center?  We’re here to help!

What unique programs are you using to capitalize on your Unique Selling Points?  We would love to hear from you!

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