Need A Little Extra Money? | Ten Places To Look For It

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us to evaluate every single aspect of the business and identify where there are opportunities.  How do we offset less revenue coming in? Where can we generate more revenue or reduce spending? 

Here are a few things to think about:

Use MMS and scoring monitors to sell High Definition digital ads.

The center can offer potential advertisers a captured audience that can be engaged with high definition digital ads on the Multi Media System and scoring monitors.  These ads are easy to create and can be sold by the week, month, quarter or year and can even contain additional “perks”, if desired.  Or, ads can be leveraged as a bartering tool in return for goods and services for the center.  Remember that you have access to the number of “bowling customers” within several of the Conqueror reports.  For example, the Weekly Income Report or from a broader perspective, the Comparison report reports the number of customers per opening type.  As these numbers do not reflect non-bowling guests, they are good statistics to present when approaching potential advertisers.  If you’re not currently using your monitors to generate revenue and would like to start, download 2 free MMS Ads here to get started. Just imagine, even at as little as $1 per day, per advertiser, this is money in your pocket.

Don’t be afraid to barter.

If you are in the market for something but it is not in the budget, consider negotiating a barter.  Radio and television advertising are popular items to barter.  Host a station event in return for spots on radio and television.  Remember it is normal that discounts are off the table when bartering.  Leverage bartering to keep employees engaged and motivated.  Bartering for movie tickets with the local movie theatre in exchange for bowling passes for the movie theatre, is not only great exposure for the center and a way to drive in new business but it is also a great way to show employee appreciation, with no out of pocket expense.

Take advantage of BPAA Smart Buy Program.

A benefit of a center’s annual dues, BPAA members can enjoy national account pricing and tremendous discounts. 

Leverage SYSCO Foodie Solutions

Create additional food and beverage revenue by thinking “outside the box” and utilizing their expertise for additional ways to sell your products and maximize profits.

Streamline the menu

  • Requires less inventory
  • Easier to train
  • Easier for staff to prepare
  • Can concentrate on quality instead of quantity

 Utilize rebates

BPAA’s partnership with Sysco includes various manufacturers’ rebates and Sysco Performance Allowance rebate.  However, do not stop there.  There are often additional manufacturer rebates and programs that can result in equipment for the restaurant, incentives for staff, prizes for contests or games as well as cold, hard, cash.

Offer virtual options for events

Refine programs to accommodate the new normal for customers.   Capacity is no longer an obstacle.  Offer a virtual add on option for parties and the sky is the limit.  Parties can be in person, online only or a combination of the two.  The virtual option can have the Hostess stream and engage guests with quizzes, games and activities while the in person guests are bowling.  The virtual guests can receive a voucher for meal and/or bowling for their next in person trip, which can result in additional revenue.  Virtual add on options can also be tailored to host events for companies that have teams in different cities, states or countries.  The possibilities are unlimited.  Now’s the time to make it happen!

 Repurpose unused space

  • Rent out meeting space during non-peak party times.
    • Companies looking for clean, safe venue to host a meeting.
    • Mom groups
    • Virtual learning groups
  • Depending on parking lot size, rent space. Things to consider:
    • Pop up shops needing temporary space
    • Drive in COVID testing
    • Windshield repair
    • Negotiate with cell phone companies to use parking lot for a cell phone tower
    • Christmas tree tent
    • Paintless Dent repair service
    • Farmers Market
    • Food Distribution site
    • Auto insurance appraisals
    • Food trucks
    • Drive in theatre

 Renegotiate terms and contracts

Often times, contracts expire but the terms continue for years to come.  Evaluate all contracts or fees paid and don’t be afraid to shop around, if other options are available.  Everyone is looking for new business these days and you might be surprised at the savings you can get, as a result. 

  • Telephone
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Food and Beverage items
  • Dumpster service
  • Cleaning contract
  • Parking lot maintenance

Maximize staff

Instead of hiring additional part time team members, consider cross training your existing employees and give them additional hours.  Providing additional training to existing employees is much less expensive than hiring and training the new employee from the ground up.  Make sure you have planned to properly staff for future events and increase in open play and that staff is properly trained.  Poorly trained or inadequate staff can result in a substandard experience for customers and poor publicity for the center. 

If there are things we have mentioned in this post that you would like to do but do not know where to start, or need a little boost with your marketing, we are here to help.  Send a request to and we will get you information to start taking advantage of these opportunities.

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