What’s the Deal? | Holiday Promotions

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has taught us the need to be able to pivot quickly and not be hesitant to explore new opportunities.  It’s no secret that the 2020 holidays will be different both personally and professionally.  Many companies are operating with a limited staff, most of which are working from home.  Thinly stretched budgets, and what once was traditionally one of the best times of the year for a center due to holiday parties is now filled with the unknown of what tomorrow will bring. 

Black Friday deals have started early and businesses are changing the offerings to cater to today’s new needs and challenges.  Are you feeling a bit “bah humbug”?  Well, let’s change that!  We all know that things could be worse so let’s turn the pile of lemons into lemonade!

It is important to look at what your center can do based on restrictions or closures and figure out how you can bring in revenue.  Retailers started Black Friday deals weeks ago.  Are you capitalizing on the publicity of Black Friday that is all over the media?  What are you doing during the holidays to drive traffic?  What’s your deal?

Partner with the local Salvation Army to support the Angel Tree Program or other local charities to collect gifts or gift cards for needy children.  In fact now’s the perfect time to start a holiday gift card promotion. Many centers offer discounts on gift card purchases or even a promotional gift card, valid during a specific period.  For example, purchase a $50 gift card and receive a $10 promotional (can be restricted) gift card valid January – February 2021.  However another way in which you can provide a platform for your customers to help others is to run a promotion in which for every $50 gift card purchased a $10 card will be donated to a local children’s organization.  We’ve included a Holiday Gift Card Social Media Post that can be easily customized and posted with the details of your holiday gift card promotion on your social media channels or emailed out to the database. 

Even during hard times, people want to help one another.  It’s one of the few things people can do to feel good these days.  Consider a promotion in which customers can make a donation to the food bank or donate a blanket for the homeless in return for a discount on an hourly bowling package. 

Or how about offering your parking lot for a food drive, blood drive or toy drive.  For each person contributing, they would receive a thank you voucher for an offer from the center.

The goodwill generated by working with local charities offers hope and gives the community an easy way to help others, less fortunate while showing that the center is there to help.  Despite the pandemic, charitable causes are very important and the benefits of the center’s support will reap rewards for many years.   

How about repurposing the parking lot and turning it into a drive in movie theatre?  Sell food and drink that can be ordered online and delivered right to customer’s parking spot. 

Another way to utilize your parking lot is with grab and go meals that can also be ordered online and delivered to a specific parking spot. 

Another holiday promotion could be to have a Tired of Turkey Pizza Bowl deal.  An hour, or two hours of bowling, shoes and large 1 topping pizza for up to 6 people. We know a pitcher of soda or beer is a guaranteed additional sale.  Download and customize your Tired of Turkey Social Media Post and post on your social media channels with the offer details.  Remember to also promote it in an email to the database, along with what the offer includes.

How about a Black Friday Bowl Til You Drop deal?  Unlimited bowling per person at a discounted rate. Customers love that they can bowl as much as they want to, even though the majority do not bowl more than 2.5 games each.

Is business so good you do not need to have any offers?  Then ramp up the fun and create an over the top experience to keep customers in the center longer.  Use some of the BES X features like Lucky Train to keep the customers engaged or put together a turkey shoot using Bowlin’ Hood. 

As we have said so many times before, we are in this together and together we will survive.  Is it time to pivot and do something new?  What are you planning on doing during the 2020 holidays?  We would love to see and hear what your center is planning.  Share in the comments section below!

If you are looking for additional ways to drive business or need a little help marketing your center the QubicaAMF Virtual Marketing Manager might be just what you’re looking for.  For more information regarding this customized program, contact VMM@QubicaAMF.com .  We are here to help!

We would love to hear your thoughts!