Social Media and Your Center

When you hear the words “social media” what comes to mind? Free advertisement, customer engagement, increased business or do you think more work added to an already full workload?  The positive benefits of social media, definitely outweigh the negative ones. 

If you are hesitant to start using social media because you think it is going to consume too much of your time creating content or posting consistently,  then keep your focus on the positive…what it CAN DO for your center.

Social media gives you access to a huge audience that you may not have reached with traditional forms of marketing.  Social media allows you to reach customers that might not have ever visited the center and it keeps customers up to date with what’s going on at the center and encourages them to stop in.  You’re in control and don’t have to wait days for the webmaster to get a new offer on the website to spread the news…go to your social media and get the message out right away.

Gaining followers isn’t as tough as you might think.  You have to speak this generation’s language.  Something as simple as table tent or sticker and posting in house monitor ads letting people know you’re now on social media will help get that following started. Once that following starts to build let those followers help you promote and do some of the work for you. Turn them into your marketing team.  Run promotions offering deals to followers who share your posts. This will soon become a snowball effect…followers will share what you post and THEIR followers will share and the next thing you know you’ll have an avalanche of new followers and customers.

Another key element of social media success is making sure to get on as many platforms as possible. Each of the platforms attract a unique set of demographics allowing your center to be exposed to a wide variety of new customers.   

Most platforms only require an email, username, and password to get started.  Don’t let excuses get in your way of using social media to drive more business to your center.

Are you avoiding social media because it’s out of your comfort zone or you’re not sure how to start?  Don’t forget that Conqueror Maximization Program Preferred Customers receive 2 hours of consultative marketing service.  If you need a little guidance, we’re here to help.  Request your consultative call here.  We will be featuring best practices of the various social media platforms in future posts so stay tuned.   Request marketing consultative call here.

There’s no better time to start leveraging social media.  As for me, I would like to share more today but it’s time for me to make my daily social media posts. 🙂

Enjoy some free Thanksgiving Social Media elements and bonus MMS Ad!

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