BES X Website Showcases

BES X Marketing Kits come complete with website showcases making it quick and easy to give your customers a look at all the fantastic features your center offers with BES X. Not only are the showcases provided, each kit also contains both a vertical and horizontal banner to use on your website to hyperlink the showcase to. It’s so quick! If your website is not the home of the beautiful showcases, take a few minutes and do so today. Don’t forget to let you customers know to take a look…drop them a quick email and invite them to check it out. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! 

Check them out by clicking on the banners below!

BESXLAUNCH_ItsHere_ShowcaseBanner_Vertical      COMPETITIVE_ShowcaseBanner_Vertical_2013-05

CORPORATE_ShowcaseBanner_Vertical_2013-04      FAMILYFUN_ShowcaseBanner_Vertical_2013-05

BIRTHDAY_ShowcaseBanner_Veritcal_2013-06      TEENS_ShowcaseBanner_Vertical_2013-06

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