HyperBowling FAQ & Tips

FAQ 3 Blocks

What can I say to get a customer to try HyperBowling?

Every customer should be asked to try HyperBowling!  Your enthusiasm  about the new game will have a direct impact on their willingness to try it.  If they are completely unaware of what HyperBowling is, give them the “elevator pitch”.  If there are lanes bowling in HyperBowling at the time, invite them to watch and see for themselves.  Be sure to stress that this experience is nothing like the traditional game they may be familiar with.   It’s a whole new way to play.

Can I switch between HyperBowling and regular bowling?

HyperBowling is only available in time bowling but as long as you are bowling by time, you can switch to one of your other favorite environments or games right from the console.  You’re in control.

Is HyperBowling appropriate for kids?

HyperBowling is a great choice for kids.  In fact, they may even beat the adults.   HyperBowling is very engaging and since it is 1 ball per turn, it is fast paced.  For children 12 and under, we suggest HyperActive.  The game has an element of  luck and they may find that they get a few lucky shots and suddenly they move into 1st place!

How should I respond to a customer that says HyperBowling is “ruining bowling”?

Offer up a polite alternative perspective. 

Thank them for their passion for bowling – we love bowling too, it’s our business.  The sport/league part of bowling is unchanged by HyperBowling and HyperBowling may actually enhance the audience available for future sport/league play!

HyperBowling is adding a new layer to attract an audience who doesn’t currently bowl.  HyperBowling offers a new way to experience the game.  These customers will also be exposed to traditional bowling.  This is an opportunity to gain new bowlers,  as HyperBowling will definitely bring out the competitive side of players and may help those who don’t bowl today,  love bowling as much as we do.

In addition, a more competitive bowler may actually enjoy playing HyperBowl Pro which challenges even the most experienced and skilled player.  Encourage them to give it a shot.

What about people who just aren’t sure about how complicated it seems?

HyperBowling takes 15 seconds to understand and a lifetime to master.  No fancy approach or curving the ball is necessary to have fun or win.  The goal is to hit the color target and then hit the pins.  It’s simple to get started and easy to play.

The games seem too easy.

Each game has levels that start off easier and get progressively more challenging. 

Ever play a game of Angry Birds?  The earliest and first levels were easier so you could become familiar with the game.  As you progressed, the levels got more challenging and new elements were introduced.  HyperBowling works in a similar way.  If you find the early levels too easy, let us know – we can start you off on a higher level or suggest you try HyperBowl Pro.

The bumpers are usually used for kids or really bad bowlers.  

Yes.  This is the way bumpers have been utilized in the past.  HyperBowling is a whole new way to play in which the bumpers are an interactive part of the game play and helps you multiply your score.  Don’t think of them as bumpers as much as they are your targets!  Trust us, a little time on the lane and you will stop seeing them as bumpers and start seeing them as your shot at winning.

 I don’t like the fouls in the game. Why are they there?

We like to think of the fouls as a throwback to old video games or pinball machines.  In pinball, if you shake, push or abuse the game – you get a warning, or a “tilt”.  The same logic applies here.   If you get a foul, shake it off, and take your best shot at the next challenge.  You are still in the game, even if you get a foul!

I’m not a gamer.  I don’t think I would be interested.

HyperBowling is more than just a video game.  It’s an interactive, physical game with a “video game-like” vibe that happens on a bowling lane.  In HyperBowling, you are fully engaged and immersed in the game.  It will absolutely multiply your fun – especially if you are in it to win it!

The game moves too slow.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the monitors – there is a lot of great action happening there.  Similar to playing any video or arcade game, HyperBowling has a lot going on behind the scenes.  After your roll –  the game is capturing your score, adding your bonus, multiplying your score and getting set up for the next player. 

This is also a great time to think about your next throw – once the lane pattern is set, this is your shot to jump ahead on the leaderboard.  So, go ahead and use this time to get strategic!

Quick Tips

  • The game is not about perfect shots or curving the ball, but more about being strategic when hitting the bumper and then the pins.
  • RED is a NO. White is a GO.  Advise customers to wait for the pins to turn white before they roll.
  • Let customers know they can switch the games during their session from the SuperTouch.

We would love to hear your thoughts!