No matter who you are, you can play and WIN!

HyperBowling combines the fun of bowling with video game-like technology to create an action-packed and fun new way to bowl where anyone can play and WIN!

One single ball can change it all!

Here’s How It Works!

  • Hit the colored multiplier, then hit the pins
  • Each pin knocked down = 100 points
  • Hit the multiplier and pins = score  3X multiplier and 5 pins down = 1500 points
  • Hit anything red and your score is zero
  • Be on the look-out for activities that may cause fouls. Roll the ball too hard or too fast and it’s a zero
  • 4 challenges per level.  12 levels per game
  • Master the challenges and level up
  • Each challenge increases in difficulty

Explaining The Game

  • HyperBowling combines the fun of bowling with video game-like technology to create an action-packed and fun new way to bowl.
  • Every shot counts.
  • It’s not only ok to hit the bumpers, we want you to.
  • Hit the color multiplier targets, then knock down as many pins as you can.
  • Video game-like vibe where every ball is different and there is a new challenge every roll.
  • Once the level is completed, the players can either advance to the next level or replay the same level to attempt to better their score.  Make your choice at the console, after each challenge.
  • Avoid anything red.
  • Takes bowling to a whole new level.

Four Exciting Games


HyperBowl can be enjoyed by anyone and is a good place to start to see just how much fun and how challenging it can be. It looks easy from the sidelines but watch out…you’ll be hooked!

Take aim at the colorful targets on the bumpers to multiply your pin fall while leveling up to more challenging levels.  Go ahead and Multiply the Fun!

HyperBowl Pro

Just because you’ve mastered traditional bowling, doesn’t mean you’ll be a pro at HyperBowl Pro.  Pro delivers the same basic game mechanics and scoring as HyperBowl, but with progressively escalating challenges and shots.  HyperBowl Pro was built for the competitive player and features complex targets, changing sizes and bigger scoring risks. 


A wild and crazy game with FAST changing targets of various colors. Hit the right colors to multiply the pins, but hit the red and Buster will appear leaving you with a zero. Get lucky enough to hit the 10 X multiplier and strike to earn the Golden Buster. Bowlers can take their pictures and become part of the competition.


HyperSquad is a strategic team game where you claim territory and the score is based on your team’s ability to hit the target.  A hit in a dark area lights that section and claims your territory.  Beware of hitting the enemy territory or getting a foul or you will be guilty of siding with the enemy.  Highest scoring team wins!

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