It Takes a Village to Survive a Pandemic

We’ve all heard the well renowned African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  How true this is!  It takes everyone pitching in to share the challenges, the responsibilities, the education, the mistakes and the benefits to raise the best child possible.   The 2020 version of this great African Proverb should be “It takes a village to survive the pandemic”.  Although the traditional image of a village has changed as we are sheltering in place and social distancing, everyone in the village has something they can contribute to making it through the pandemic.

As a business owner

  • Commitment to keeping employees and customers safe
  • Protecting the customer journey
  • Prepare and protect the center for the long term
  • Transparent communication between employees and customers
  • Be safe and stay well

As an employee

  • Abide by all CDC and center protocols to offer a safe and fun environment for customers
  • Transparent communication with employer
  • Be safe and stay well

As a consumer

  • Adhere to social distancing and other safety guidelines
  • Consider the vaccination
  • Find opportunities to reduce possible exposure. For example curbside delivery of groceries, instead of going inside the store or take out instead of dine in
  • Be safe and stay well

QubicaAMF is dedicated to continuing to provide tools and education to assist you in getting through the pandemic.  It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part and share the lessons learned, the challenges, the ideas and the praises.  The Beyond the Frame Facebook community has grown to a group of almost 1000 members from all over the world with the same mission…to get back to doing what they do best…provide a great entertainment experience.  If you are not already a member, join today.  Got ideas?  Something working for you that you can share with others?  Frustrated and need to vent?  Need some help?  Just want to say hello?  We would love to hear from you.  Together, we will get through this.  Join us on Beyond the Frame and engage in conversation with others who may have already gone through the stage you are at or can learn from the journey you have already traveled.

Communication and transparency continue to be a crucial part of pandemic survival.  Stay in touch and engage with the customers, whether the center is open or still waiting to reopen.  Be authentic and weave the customer into your story.  It DOES take a village to survive a pandemic and that message can speak volumes to the customers.   Remind your customers they are part of your village and doing their part will help tremendously in allowing the center to continue to serve their entertainment needs.  Enjoy the free It Takes a Village marketing collateral that can be downloaded below.  Simply add your personal message to the social media post and email and you’re finished.   It does take a village to survive a pandemic and we are happy to be a part of yours!

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20 Positive Things That Came Out of 2020

The countdown is on to leaving 2020 behind.  Good riddance!!  To say that 2020 has been a challenge is an understatement!   Remember the old adage “what consumes your mind, controls your life”? It’s so true.  The thoughts that pass through your mind can greatly influence the outcome of things.  It’s a matter of being able to think positively, despite everything that one may be struggling with.  It’s easy to be blinded by the challenges and pain of dealing with them, so much that is becomes impossible to focus on the good things in life.  Seeing the good even in the smallest things can dramatically change the way things are perceived.  Realizing the advantages of the positives is motivating and can serve as a springboard for a happier, healthier and more prosperous future. 


  1. Positive light shown on bowling through worldwide communication of safety precautions and procedures put into place at centers for safety and wellbeing of patrons and employees.
  2. Enhanced communication between center and patrons that included a full understanding of the importance of keeping the center website current and informative.
  3. Refined business procedures as a result of reduction in force and new needs allows for enhanced efficiency.
  4. Streamlined food and beverage menus.
  5. New revenue streams created to offset traditional revenue as a result of restrictions and closures.
  6. New programs based on new protocols and restrictions.
  7. Reduction of payroll hours.
  8. Downtime allowed for thorough inspection and preventative maintenance on machines to maximize performance and life span of equipment.
  9. Center maintenance was performed which otherwise would have caused an inconvenience for patrons.
  10. Center deep cleaning was performed as a results of new COVID-19 requirements.
  11. Complete evaluation of current center positions resulting in refining job descriptions and maximization of staff.
  12. New focus on marketing messages that provided transparency for patrons and inclusion in the story.
  13. Courage to try new things that might have otherwise not been considered.
  14. The formation of Beyond the Frame Facebook group fostered the unification of centers allowing them to navigate the challenges of the pandemic together.
  15. It became evident that competitive bowlers, needed their bowling fix as they were some of the first to return.
  16. Willingness to attend industry webinars, podcasts and live shows to obtain as much assistance and education as possible to weather the storm with as little negative impact as possible.
  17. Recognizing the benefit of utilizing data to communicate and market to patrons and potential patrons.
  18. Comfort level with multiple social media platforms for marketing and communication.
  19. Creativity blossomed out of a necessity to keep moving forward.
  20. QubicaAMF’s commitment to helping customers get through the pandemic by providing multiple free resources and staffing dedicated to research, development and delivery of best practices.

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to feel miserable in the midst of a global pandemic however, there are many benefits of finding the silver lining in things.


  1. Happiness – good things put a smile on your face, no matter how small they are.
  2. Gratitude – sheds light on the blessings we already have.
  3. Better health – less stress and anxiety are more likely to result in a healthier lifestyle
  4. Higher tolerance – serve as a source of motivation and energy and helps you to keep moving forward no matter how tired or difficult it seems.
  5. Stronger relationships – negative thoughts often create barriers. Helps to muster the courage to create meaningful connection with others.

Want to start 2021 off by finding the positive things in life?


  1. Avoid negativity. Offset every bad thing with something good that happened.
  2. Identify what makes you happy. What motivates and inspires you when you face challenges?
  3. Practice meditation. Get back some headspace.
  4. Maintain a gratitude journal. Writing down the good things in life is therapeutic and will serve as constant reminder that good things DO HAPPEN.
  5. Learn to Let Go. It’s easier to focus on the good when the anger and grieving of the past is left behind.

With 2021 only days away, let’s make plans to leave ALL the bad things that 2020 had to offer behind and concentrate on the good things that it held.  Continue helping one another and focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.  Together, we will get through this and when we look back, we will see how we grew stronger and withstood things never imagined we could.  So find the silver linings of 2020 and carrying them forward to 2021.

On behalf of the entire QubicaAMF family, cheers to a brighter 2021 with more happiness, better health, more customers and NO COVID-19!  Thanks for being our customer!  Enjoy a free Happy New Year Social Media Post/Email and MMS Ad to extend Happy New Year greetings to your patrons.

Warmest Wishes

The holiday season is the perfect time to extend warm wishes to your customers.  Whether the center is open for business or anxiously awaiting that day to come, remind the customers just how much they mean and how much their business is appreciated.

If you haven’t listened to our most recent Beyond the Frame Live interview with Tim Morrow, President and CEO of the San Antonio Zoological Society, take time to listen as Tim shares his story on the eagerness that locals have to help the icons of the community survive these tough times.  We are all in this together and together we will survive and come out stronger and better than ever before.

As a token of our appreciation for being a loyal QubicaAMF customer we have provided a Warmest Wishes MMS Ad and Warmest Wishes Facebook Post so you can share with your customers.

Better Guest Management

Constant changes in mandates have everyone looking for ways to be more efficient and provide a safer environment for their guests.  Occupancy restrictions and social distancing mandates make it necessary to encourage your guests to adhere to these new protocols.   Here’s a quick tip for those centers that need to have their guests wait in their vehicles until it is their turn to enter the building to play or eat.  Did you know you can create specific waitlist for those guests that need to wait outside until it is their time to enter the building?  It is so simple.

Simply set up a New Time Game Resource (Entire Building, Waiting Outside or name of choice) and choose it as the resource from the Wait List.   This will make it simple to manage guests safely and conveniently.  You can send an SMS Text message to any wait list resource (bowling, waiting outside, etc.) to notify the guest when it is their time to enter the building.

It’ as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Create a new time game
    1. Conqueror Pro Centers (2019 and older) = SETUP > TECHNICAL SETUP > TIME GAMES
    2. Conqueror X Centers (new in 2020) = SETUP > MODULES AND OPTIONS > TIME GAMES
  2. Assign as resource in Wait List
  3. Enter guests information

Need a little help?

  1. Click on the ? button on the page for step by step instructions

Conqueror is filled with ways to assist you in operating your center more efficiently and serving the customer more conveniently.  What’s your favorite Conqueror hidden jewel?  Share it in the comments below.  Together, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

It Doesn’t End with the Sale | Thanks Can Make You a Winner!

Many things come into play when providing a customer a great experience.  It’s that pleasant and helpful sales associate taking the reservation, being greeted with a smile and warm welcome when getting their lane, to walking to the lane to see a welcoming message on their scoring grid.  Then the fun begins with all the unique choices they can include in the on lane experience.  Let’s not forget, the convenience of ordering food and cold beer right from the lanes or being chosen the lucky winner as the virtual Lucky Train travels across the lanes.   However, don’t let the experience stop when the money goes into the register.  Take an already great experience over the top with one small heartfelt gesture that will be remembered for weeks and talked about and shared on social media.  Share two simple words, Thank You!

Take the time to say “thank you” after the experience is over.   An old fashioned phone call never goes out of style.  Ask for feedback letting them know you are always looking for ways to improve the services you offer.  Remind the customer how much their business is appreciated and that you look forward to their return.

Thank you can also be demonstrated in a thoughtful email expressing the gratitude for their business and an invitation to return soon for another event.  Perhaps even a thank you “code” that gets them a discount on their next event if booked within 6 months. 

However, a sure fire way to make a lasting impression is to send a physical thank you note!  Handwrite a personal note and include a business card.  Kick it up a notch by including a $5.00 Starbucks gift card and the message “thanks a latte for your business”.    Showing your appreciation and genuine thanks sends out a great message and will keep your center top of mind for future business.   A great best practice is to have each party hostess write a thank you note and hand it to the organizer before the event ends.  This is a nice “note” to end the party on.  These small tokens of gratitude will generate great user generated content.  You’d be surprised how many people will stop what they are doing to tweet or post a picture on Instagram about being thanked for their business.

Companies like Abbott Cards offer a variety of business thank you cards with a number of message choices available.  The cards even have slots for your business cards.  Of course the more cards purchased, the less expensive they are.  You can also design your own cards for that special touch.  As a valued BES X viewer, we have provided a Sample Party Hostess Thank You Card or Sample General Thank You Card for download, our way of saying thank you for being a viewer!