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COVID-19 has left us with many scars and a period in our lives that we do not ever want to relive. But what about all those celebrations that were missed when life came to a screeching halt? Maybe we can’t rewind time and recapture the exact day, but we CAN rewind and have a celebration do-over. Don’t miss this opportunity to turn those missed milestones into memorable celebrations. Offer Rewind Parties and celebrate all those that missed out on celebrating their special occasion.

Scour your database to find all birthdays during the closed period and send them a personal invitation to have a Rewind Party celebration. Don’t let COVID-19 deprive the celebration honorees of their special day.   Rewind Parties can be offered at the same times as regular parties or can be held on designated Rewind Party days and time slots so the center can plan extra activities to make the parties even more memorable.

  • Have a special celebratory welcome screen for each party.
  • Play Birthday Wheel for prizes.
  • Run Lucky Train every hour and if customer is streaming live and is chosen as the winner, they receive an extra prize. A great choice for the extra prize is a gift card to the center.
  • Bring in face painters, magicians, a DJ, local celebrities or mascots.
  • Utilize scrolling messages to congratulate celebration honorees.
  • Offer to stream the party via Zoom or other video communication platform for guests not able to attend.
  • Partner with local businesses to contribute items for goodie bags and door prizes. Also check with vendors, who often have promotional items available that they are willing to contribute.
  • Ask trivia questions throughout the parties for prizes.
  • Have hostesses coordinate the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance or for older guests, the Cupid Shuffle, all while adhering to physical distancing restrictions.
  • For parties with young children, give coloring pages (see download at end of post)  to occupy them while waiting for their turn.
  • Provide each guest a thank you voucher with a special offer to visit the center again in the future.

Things to consider for Rewind Party packages:

  • Similar in structure to existing party packages.
  • Add a “Fun Size” option (up to 6 people) for those that would be more comfortable with a small, family only celebration.
  • Promote as new party option to help all those that had milestones during the COVID-19 pandemic and were deprived of their special celebration.
  • Offer Rewind Parties at a discounted rate as your gift to them. Make sure the customer is aware of the savings and make it clear on the marketing material. A discount often seals the deal.

Rewind Parties can be for all missed milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations,  be it Kindergarten, High School or College, Engagements, Promotions or others your center chooses to recognize. Use this opportunity to recuperate lost revenue for missed celebrations and turn sad memories into happy experiences and lasting new customers.

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We would love your feedback to help us form upcoming content and free material.  Do you plan on offering Rewind Parties at your center?  Please leave your comments below.

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