20 Positive Things That Came Out of 2020

The countdown is on to leaving 2020 behind.  Good riddance!!  To say that 2020 has been a challenge is an understatement!   Remember the old adage “what consumes your mind, controls your life”? It’s so true.  The thoughts that pass through your mind can greatly influence the outcome of things.  It’s a matter of being able to think positively, despite everything that one may be struggling with.  It’s easy to be blinded by the challenges and pain of dealing with them, so much that is becomes impossible to focus on the good things in life.  Seeing the good even in the smallest things can dramatically change the way things are perceived.  Realizing the advantages of the positives is motivating and can serve as a springboard for a happier, healthier and more prosperous future. 


  1. Positive light shown on bowling through worldwide communication of safety precautions and procedures put into place at centers for safety and wellbeing of patrons and employees.
  2. Enhanced communication between center and patrons that included a full understanding of the importance of keeping the center website current and informative.
  3. Refined business procedures as a result of reduction in force and new needs allows for enhanced efficiency.
  4. Streamlined food and beverage menus.
  5. New revenue streams created to offset traditional revenue as a result of restrictions and closures.
  6. New programs based on new protocols and restrictions.
  7. Reduction of payroll hours.
  8. Downtime allowed for thorough inspection and preventative maintenance on machines to maximize performance and life span of equipment.
  9. Center maintenance was performed which otherwise would have caused an inconvenience for patrons.
  10. Center deep cleaning was performed as a results of new COVID-19 requirements.
  11. Complete evaluation of current center positions resulting in refining job descriptions and maximization of staff.
  12. New focus on marketing messages that provided transparency for patrons and inclusion in the story.
  13. Courage to try new things that might have otherwise not been considered.
  14. The formation of Beyond the Frame Facebook group fostered the unification of centers allowing them to navigate the challenges of the pandemic together.
  15. It became evident that competitive bowlers, needed their bowling fix as they were some of the first to return.
  16. Willingness to attend industry webinars, podcasts and live shows to obtain as much assistance and education as possible to weather the storm with as little negative impact as possible.
  17. Recognizing the benefit of utilizing data to communicate and market to patrons and potential patrons.
  18. Comfort level with multiple social media platforms for marketing and communication.
  19. Creativity blossomed out of a necessity to keep moving forward.
  20. QubicaAMF’s commitment to helping customers get through the pandemic by providing multiple free resources and staffing dedicated to research, development and delivery of best practices.

It’s no secret that it’s much easier to feel miserable in the midst of a global pandemic however, there are many benefits of finding the silver lining in things.


  1. Happiness – good things put a smile on your face, no matter how small they are.
  2. Gratitude – sheds light on the blessings we already have.
  3. Better health – less stress and anxiety are more likely to result in a healthier lifestyle
  4. Higher tolerance – serve as a source of motivation and energy and helps you to keep moving forward no matter how tired or difficult it seems.
  5. Stronger relationships – negative thoughts often create barriers. Helps to muster the courage to create meaningful connection with others.

Want to start 2021 off by finding the positive things in life?


  1. Avoid negativity. Offset every bad thing with something good that happened.
  2. Identify what makes you happy. What motivates and inspires you when you face challenges?
  3. Practice meditation. Get back some headspace.
  4. Maintain a gratitude journal. Writing down the good things in life is therapeutic and will serve as constant reminder that good things DO HAPPEN.
  5. Learn to Let Go. It’s easier to focus on the good when the anger and grieving of the past is left behind.

With 2021 only days away, let’s make plans to leave ALL the bad things that 2020 had to offer behind and concentrate on the good things that it held.  Continue helping one another and focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t do.  Together, we will get through this and when we look back, we will see how we grew stronger and withstood things never imagined we could.  So find the silver linings of 2020 and carrying them forward to 2021.

On behalf of the entire QubicaAMF family, cheers to a brighter 2021 with more happiness, better health, more customers and NO COVID-19!  Thanks for being our customer!  Enjoy a free Happy New Year Social Media Post/Email and MMS Ad to extend Happy New Year greetings to your patrons.

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