Are You MAD About Bowling?


Exclusive NEW Mad Games…Truly a Whole New Way To Play!

With exclusive new Mad Games you have the opportunity to capture new customers that otherwise may have been uninterested or confused by traditional bowling.  This great new format introduces the life-long sport of bowling in a fun way that will allow you to grow your customers.  By this I mean, get customers excited about bowling through Mad Games and eventually introduce them to Competitive games, Leagues, increased open play, parties…it’s absolutely endless.  Mad Games is perfect for children who may be too young to understand traditional bowling but certainly understand how to have fun…building a monster or hilarious character thus allowing you to grow your customers from children to loyal adults.  Now families with young children can have family fun that involves everyone!

Many casual bowlers find the 10-frame format too long and the scoring calculation rules too hard to comprehend. The traditional grid doesn’t intuitively appeal to them and doesn’t help proprietors to attract and retain new customers on the lanes.

BES X exclusively solves these problems with the new Mad Games collection. Four stimulating Mad Games allow you to let your customers bowl in a way that is easier to understand, faster to finish and uniquely aligned to their taste. At the end of the experience, your players can also extend the fun—and talk up your center—with customized pictures they can take home and share.

Mad Games increase your opportunity to extend the reach of bowling to more consumers resulting in more games played, longer time spent on the lanes and greater revenue.

Mad Games Highlights:

  • Shorter, easy to understand formats
  • Simpler ways to score
  • Faster bowling pace to keep them entertained longer
  • Game themes tailored to specific customer segments
  • Video game like, 2D and 3D visuals
  • Customized, take-home pictures from the system

Mad Games collection:

  • Monster Factory
  • Character Factory
  • Bowlin’ Hood
  • Battle on the Lanes

Seeing as Mad Games are unique in such that they are not played in the traditional manner, it is important to educate the customer on the New Way To Play.  In an effort to assist you in spreading the news about the fun new way to bowl, we have created a simple, easy to understand postcard that the customer service representative can give the customer that will explain the new way to play!  As a Blog member, you have access to the file which can be printed in house, by your favorite printer or we have even made the postcard available on our Printing Partner micro site for your convenience.  We hope you enjoy this BES X FREEBIE…the first of many useful tools to come to our exclusive Blog.

Introducing Mad Games Handout

Introducing Mad Games Postcard_No Offer

Introducing Mad Games Postcard_With Offer

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Don’t forget that Monster University is still very popular and will never go out of style. You can find it on streaming services, local television, DVD as well as in the toy department at most Superstores.  Get on the bandwagon and advertise that Monsters are in YOUR house too.


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