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Don’t Be Afraid of Fun!

strega witch

BES X offers so many fantastic features that allow customers to have a fun and unique experience each visit. Are your customers leaving your center saying…”Wow…that was SO MUCH FUN!”? Are your employees engaging with the customers and having fun themselves? If not, it is usually very obvious by their body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Employees should be comfortable recommending specific features based on the demographic of the customer and even sharing what their favorite game or feature is. Employees should be engaged and having fun too!

Seize every opportunity to enhance the customer’s experience and weave fun into it from the time they consider bowling and check out the center on the website until the time they walk out the doors after their visit. Encourage your employees to talk to customers, to do unique things that add to the experience.   For example, run Lucky Train for a slice of pizza or give the next person to show them a hole in their sock wins a free game of bowling on their next visit. It’s all about being engaged and making each visit unique and memorable.

With selfies being the craze these days, give your customers some fun props that they can use when they take their photos from the console. Encourage them to use the props to strike fun poses and share them on Facebook or Instagram.

Fall is officially underway and with Halloween just around the corner, don’t forget to showcase the exclusive, frightfully scary HalloPin environment. Make plans to incorporate the HalloPin Animated Ad into your advertising and on the center website. Add Virtual Red Pin and incorporate the “bloody” red pin into the experience.   Don’t forget to let customers create their own monster experience with Monster Factory. Be sure to give them the take away which most likely will wind up on the refrigerator door as a constant reminder of the fun experience. It’s all about the experience and the many aspects of the experience that turn it into a memory and great source of word of mouth advertising for the center.

As a thank you for being a BES X customer, we have put together some Monster Factory/Halloween Photo Props.   Props can be customized with center name and/or website. Download and take to your favorite printer, mount to a 1/8” X 12” wooden dowel with hot glue and let the fun begin.

If you do not have a printer that can print and die cut the designs they can be ordered and even customized with center name on call out at a very reasonable price and shipped right to your doorstep. Contact Sterling Thompson at st@thompsonprintsolutions.com or call 1-(800) 842-0192 and he’ll be happy to assist you. As an added convenience, these props can also be purchased at the Print Solution website and can be found in the BES Xtras section.  They’re affordable, fun and make a great addition to an already amazing experience.  Please note, to have access tot he Print Solution website you must be registered and approved as a user.  To gain access, click on New User and complete the profile which MUST include your QubicaAMF customer number in the title field.  Upon approval, you will receive an email letting you know you can begin your shopping.

Photo props can be displayed in a vase filled with colored marbles at the customer service desk or in variety of other creative ways. Encourage customers and employees to take photos using the props with their smartphone and post on Instagram or Facebook, making sure to tag your center. Provide your customers additional fun and turn them into your best advertisers.

6 Genius Ways to Use Selfies in Your Marketing is a great article to help you better understand how to incorporate the fun of selfies into the center marketing plan.

We would love to hear the results of using the photo props we have provided. Please share your comments below or write us at BESXtras@QubicaAMF.com and be sure to include your favorite selfie’s.

If you are looking for programs and promotions designed to enhance the customer’s experience and make you more money, check out our Virtual Marketing Manager Program or contact VMM@QubicaAMF.com.


Unleash Your Competitiveness


Are you competitive? I don’t mean on the lanes. I mean in your business. Do you have that burning desire to be better than your competitor down the street? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us are very competitive! In reality, that competitive spirit is what drives us to continue perfecting our product, service, facility, equipment and staff to deliver the best experience possible for the customer. We want to be the BEST!

Summer is winding down and your fall competitive marketing should be in full swing. Are you customizing the league experience to set your center apart from the competition? Do your customers know just how much BES X offers that enhances their competitive experience?

BES X offers a number of amazing features but if your customer isn’t aware of the features, how can they get excited about them?  These unique features that your center can provide are part of the competitive experience. They add uniqueness and value to the experience and give your center a competitive advantage over others, but only if the customer is aware of what you offer.

It’s always a great idea to evaluate your system and refresh your memory on all the fantastic features you have but more so, to make sure that you are marketing those features to your customers so they are aware of everything an experience at your center can include.

We all know that customers call around to price shop which is your opportunity to shine and make sure that the customers are comparing similar experiences and not trying to compare a 1980 four cylinder sedan to your 2016 sports car. This applies to your social bowler as well as your competitive one.


LED LIGHT EFFECTS – Assign different colors when multiple leagues are on the floor making it easy to determine where the divisions are. Click here to download LED Color Effects Quick Reference (QR) Sheet

SIGNATURE WELCOME SCREEN – If there is a birthday or special occasion in the league, utilize the Signature Welcome Screen to give the bowler some recognition by showcasing their photo and 2 lines of customized text. If the league has a sponsor, the Signature Welcome Screen is a great place to thank the sponsor by displaying their logo. Signature Welcome Screen_QR Sheet

SIGNATURE GRID – Leagues seeking outside sponsorship definitely have something of value to offer in return. Leagues can provide their sponsor high definition advertising all season long by offering a customized scoring background that includes their logo. This is a huge benefit to the leagues since sponsors can increase their prize fund, but often are never introduced to them as a benefit of bowling at the center. Signature Scoring Grid_QR Sheet

CAMERA EQUIPPED SUPERTOUCH – Having a photo beside the name makes it easy to see who’s up at a glance. In addition, the convenience of placing an order right from the lane via the SuperTouch through Lane Order Menu, Virtual Waiter or Conqueror Pro QPad, for those centers that have added that convenience to their arsenal.

LANE CHATTER – Lane Chatter is a fun way to keep the rivalry going between others in the league but it is also a huge convenience when a bowler needs to ask the secretary a question and can save the secretary lots of steps when they can simply send a message via lane chatter to a lane at the other end of the house that they don’t have their pay envelope. Eliminating the frustration of the secretary’s teammates from waiting on them to return when it is their turn to bowl makes a better bowling experience for everyone.

BALL SPEED – First and second shot ball speed comparison can be found in the spare finder window which will assist those that like to analyze their game or those that like to see how consistent they can be with their ball speed.

ON-LANE, ON-DEMAND, LIVE STATISTICS – BES X exclusively allows bowlers to view their game statistics, on-lane, live and on-demand.

AUTOMATIC RECAP – Easy to read BES X on screen automatic recap makes calculating wins and losses easy and bowlers no longer have to worry about errors in addition.

POKER – BES X Poker is the high tech version of the ever popular component of league bowling. Bowlers never have to worry about who brought the deck of cards again.

GAMES – League sweepers can now include so much more than loading colored pins in the rack and aiming for a strike. BES X offers a large collection of classic and skill games to include all-time favorites like no tap and 3-6-9 but also exciting new formats like Odd Duck, Even Better, Head Hunter and Last Pin Standing. Now league sweepers can be competitive AND fun but, it is up to the you to educate your customers.

In an effort to assist your center in making sure that your competitive bowlers are aware of what you have done to make their competitive experience great, we suggest having the Competitive Edge brochure available at all organizational meetings. Click here to download the Competitive Edge brochure, customize it with your center information and send it to your favorite printer in plenty of time to have available for all your league meetings. Remember, if you don’t have a preferred printer and want to order brochures, visit the Print Solution website that we have set up for your convenience and they can be ordered and sent directly to you. The brochure can be found in the BES Xtras section. Got questions or need assistance? Contact Sterling Thompson at st@thompsonprintsolutions.com or call 210-734-5356 or toll free 1-(800) 842-0191 and he will be happy to assist you.   To gain access to the Print Solution website you must be an approved registered user which is super easy.  Simply click on new user and complete the user profile which MUST include your QubicaAMF customer number in the Title field.  Upon approval, you will be notified via email and you can begin shopping.

LUCKY TRAIN – Can provide a great platform for a fun, instant gratification league as this game of chance is based solely on luck. For example, instead of a cash prize fund at the end of the league, use the prize fund to purchase gift cards to be given out each week to the lucky winner. If there are 50 bowlers each contributing $2 per week to the prize fund, that is $100 per week to purchase (1 $100, 2 $50 or 4 $25) gift cards.  This can also be run as a 2 game format which will be attractive to those that might not have a lot of free time or who want to see what league bowling is all about. Lucky Train_QR Sheet

So make sure your competitive customers know that bowling at your center is an experience like no other in town.

Might we suggest…


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