Sweet Stuff MMS Ad V2

BES X offers has so many features that allow you to offer the customer a unique and personal experience…unlike your competitors. With Valentines coming up next month, Sweet Stuff Grids offers you an opportunity to provide the customer a unique Scoring Grid or personalized Welcome Screen that will make their Valentine date a sweet experience.

These Sweet Stuff Grids or Welcome Screens can be offered as part of a package or as an add-on feature for that walk in casual bowler for an additional fee. These beautiful friendship/romantic/love themed images are easy to create, just as you would your normal Multi Media Ad, Signature Grid or custom Welcome Screen. Click here for quick and easy instructions.

Signature Welcome Screens can even be personalized for the customer,  as the two-line title can include a special customized message with 50 characters maximum for the first line and 40 for the second line. Welcome screens can be a special photo provided by the customer or can be selected from options available from the center. Personalizing the customers experience will make it memorable, unique and valuable…so don’t be afraid to charge extra or advertise how special you can make their event to drive more traffic. Click here for customizable Welcome Screen choices you can offer your customer or created some of your own.

We have also provided you some examples of Signature Sweet Grids you can offer your customers. Feel free to be creative and design some grids of your own. Remember to obtain proper permission to use photos in your center by getting your photos from a Royalty Free service or using images you took yourself or were designed specifically for your center like the ones we have provided you.

Like everything else you do for your customer, if your customers don’t know you are offering something special, how can you expect them to take advantage of it?  For your convenience we have provided you a monitor/MMS ad and flyer to help get the word out about the unique way to turn your Valentine date into a sweet memory.  The Monitor/MMS Ad can be resized and posted to center Facebook page, website or included in an email blast too.

So make sure that love is in the air at your center! Customers will be amazed at this personalized service and will add value to their experience. Customers have no problem paying for a unique and personalized experience so make sure that Cupid’s arrow strikes your cash register!

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PS – Feel free to share how Love is in the Air at YOUR center!  We would love to hear from you.

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