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Courtesy of Marty Gouveia, Max Training Specialist

Hello, this is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist with QubicaAMF. Today, we are going to briefly go into what I call the “BLACK HOLE” of Center Leadership. Sometimes, it’s good to take a look at ourselves in terms of leading our teams, implementing programs, and just getting things done in the huge scope of what you do day to day. As a former operator, I always firmly believed that these “self-checks” always kept me fresh. Don’t get me wrong, there are potholes and ruts we tend to fall into in the day to day whirlwind of activities, but it’s important that we perform some of these exercises so that we don’t slide into complacency, and become counterproductive.

Just like in your entertainment venue, if left un-kept, and not refreshed, things can get complacent, boring, same old, you get it, and your customers will notice it as well. So let’s get started shall we?


If you have weekly manager meetings, excellent. If not, start. If you have a smaller center with just a few staff members, include them as well. Cohesive communication within the team is paramount. Keeping staff members on the same page in terms of promotions, policies, recognition are very important, and we don’t want people forming negativity or doubt, because we haven’t talked to them on a consistent basis.

EXERCISE!! – Find out how your employees perceive you

This exercise was taught to me by a former mentor, and it was huge. This is also very tough for leaders, as you don’t expect what responses you are going to get for dialogue. If this pushes you out of your comfort zone. . . . . . EXCELLENT!!! This is how we grow.

During your weekly Managers’ meeting, or small staff meeting in a room, make sure you have a large flip chart, and a marker. On the flip chart, with a marker, draw a line down the center. On the left write “Doing well”, on the right, write “opportunity”. Explain to the staff, that you are going to leave the room for 20 minutes, and you would like them to write as a team what you do well in their eyes, and what opportunities you have to improve. Please reinforce that there are ZERO consequences for this exercise, as some staff members may refrain from being honest.

When you return, review the list, and have constructive dialogue with your team. Go over both pros and cons. Use probing questions to get details and situations that made them come to these conclusions. NEVER put people down for these assessments. Thank the staff after the conversation, let them know that their voice matters, and take your list for your own study, and find ways to improve on areas of opportunity.

You would be surprised on how incredibly productive this exercise can be. When I performed it for the first time, I was totally nervous, almost making myself vulnerable to peoples’ criticism, etc. At the end of the day I was actually stoked for the feedback, because they are the folks following my direction, and are in the building with me each day, so yes, their feedback is just as important as my supervisors’, and as a bonus, made a more cohesive team and positive environment for the business grow. Finally, it allowed me to make positive changes on how I interact and behave in general to be a better manager.

With that we are going to wrap up. Stay tuned for part 2, in a future blog post soon. This is Marty Gouveia, MAX Training Specialist for QubicaAMF, saying good luck, and see you next time.

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